Yuusei Ishibashi
Ishibashi yuusei
Kanji 石橋 雄生
Rōmaji Ishibashi Yuusei
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 19
Status Alive
Occupation Musician
Variety Show host
Manga ACT.020
Anime The Blue in her Palm
Game PS2 Game
Seiyū Kawakami Takafumi
English Voice Actor Bryce Papenbrook

Yuusei Ishibashi is a member of Bridge Rock and one of the hosts of Yappa Kimagure Rock.

Personality Edit

He is more skeptical based on the fact that He is the one who assures Hikaru that the reason why Kyoko doesn't accept his dinner invitations is because of his height

Appearance Edit

He is taller than the leader and usually has his hair gelled up into spikes.

Plot Edit

He also once told Shinichi to not mind that Kyoko and Hikaru are alone together to get food when Hikaru won in rock-paper-scissors. He thinks that Hikaru's shyness is his trump card for winning Kyoko.


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