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Yukihito Yashiro's Heart-pounding Day

Playing Maid

Yukihito Yashiro's Heart-pounding Day is the third chapter from Skip Beat! Tribute - Yes, We Love!.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Kyoko calls Yashiro to ask when Ren's schedule is clear and Yashiro imagines all sort of reasons for her to call him instead of Ren directly. He arranges for her to join them for supper, to make sure Ren eats. He tells Ren to wait at their table but stays outside to meet Kyoko who arrives all glammed up. She's about to follow Yashiro into the restaurant when she sees Sho and Shoko arrive. Kyoko then hands something to Yashiro to give to Ren along with a message before rushing off. It turns out to be a vid Ren had lent her to prepare for her next drama where she plays a celebrity ojou-sama, and she'd promised to return it within a week—which ended that day. After getting his hopes crushed, Yashiro loses his appetite.


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