Yoshiki Nakamura
Yoshiki Nakamura kyoko note
Kanji 仲村 佳樹
Rōmaji Nakamura Yoshiki
Personal Information
Gender Female
Birthday June 17th
Origin Tokushima Prefecture
Occupation Manga artist

Yoshiki Nakamura (仲村 佳樹 Nakamura Yoshiki) is the author of the manga series, Skip Beat![1], which is serialized monthly at the magazine, Hana to Yume.[2]

Thoughts on Skip Beat!Edit

Last 2007, Yoshiki Nakamura was interviewed during her visit to Taiwan.[3]

They often use funny scenes in your work. Where do you get your inspiration for this?

  • I am using funny scenes not intentionally. Whatever comes to mind, I bring even on paper. Sometimes I also help the characteristics of certain characters to make them operate properly and foranzutreiben the action properly.

Skip Beat already now comprises 16 volumes. How long the series will go further?

  • I've been drawing for as long as the act precedes liquid. So I do not know how long it will be Skip Beat yet.

What will you do when you run out of ideas?

  • Actually, it comes at a comic book artist often happened that one out of ideas. Then I just have to think much to bring about an idea.

The environments in which Tokyo Crazy Paradise and Skip Beat play, are rarely used in comics, plays a gangster milieu and the others in the entertainment industry. Do you sometimes have trouble drawing with these environments, where they are so rare concepts?

  • Yes, both are really rarely used, so I have to make inquiries about gangster milieu or the entertainment industry. When researching in some places even bring no result, then I can only hope my own idea and that this fits into the act.

What is your favorite character, when you look at all your previous works?

  • The easiest way to subscribe is Tsukasa of Tokyo Crazy Paradise. But if I go after that which character most resembles me, it would Kyoko and her negative attitude to feelings. But it's really hard for me to decide which is my favorite character.

When did you first thought to be a cartoonist? What obstacles you had to overcome in achieving this Zeils? What helped you to go ahead and not to give up?

  • I have dreamed of it since elementary school. Because it was a dream but it was very embarrassing, I have not told anyone and kept secret in my heart. I started early to send my work to the publisher Hakusensha, but it never came a reaction from the publisher, so I gave up very quickly. I then tried to work in a normal office and I've never this dream to become a cartoonist forget. Later I got my works but then sent back to Hakusensha. I would say my strong faith and my determination have made ​​me what I am today.

This is your second visit to Taiwan. Please tell us what do you have for impressions of Taiwan.

  • I feel as if I had never left my home country. I feel very comfortable here and the second visit is just as beautiful as the first.

You once mentioned that you are always very happy to fan letters and that this influence you too. What letter you can remember best and how far this has influenced you?

  • All the letters are an incentive for me to work even better.

Would you like to say a few words before the interview is over?

  • I'm still very excited when I get fan letters and birthday presents from my fans, but it's always very hard to answer everyone. Even if it is not possible for me to thank all the fans personally, I would like to thank all my fans!

Art StyleEdit

She uses unique and dark character features. She uses this not only the main character but also on supporting characters, which can be unique and maybe even more impressive than protagonist (ex. Lory Takarada).[4] Her usual stoy plots are not main love and usually has gangster stuff, action-packed scene, tension and subtle which makes her shojo manga style unique. She has a preference of the case of setting, limbs becomes significantly longer, men often have muscles and girls features are larger.[5]

Other Manga WorksEdit

Skip Beat!Edit

Completed SeriesEdit

  • Yume de Au yori Suteki (1993)
  • Seiren (1994)
  • MVP wa Yuzurenai!(1994)
  • Tokyo Crazy Paradise (1996)
  • Blue Wars (1997)
  • Dramatic Love Album (2002)