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Kyoko-chan's Misfortune

White Day is a Holiday

Skip Beat! Tribute Again - Mogami Princess

White Day is a Holiday is the ninth chapter from Skip Beat! Tribute - Yes, We Love!.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Hiou invites Kanae to spend the day with him (essentially a date), as a prelude to giving her his White Day gift. The date doesn't go well, starting with a romantic movie and both of them panning the performance of the actress. Kanae though comments that the male lead was a role Hiou could do when he's older because he's strong to the core, so that sort of mature, cool role would fit him. Hiou almost blurts out that in such a case, Kanae should play the girl, then gets flustered.

Kanae's frazzled by his reaction and remembers how Kyoko had been so excited when Kanae told her she'd be going to a movie with Hiou. Then Kanae's attention is caught by a shop window with a display of fairy tale type merchandise. Hiou sees what she's staring at and thinks she likes that sort of stuff and gets depressed since he'd chosen a mature White Day gift. Kanae's depressed because she'd had a flash of Kyoko's delight if she were given that sort of thing.

Hiou insists on going inside and buying Kanae something. Kanae refuses and makes a mistake of referring to him as a child. Hiou says he's going home and walks off. Kanae chases after him and bumps into Harry and his group. Harry grabs Kanae. Hiou tries to free her and gets thrown off.

Then Hiou sees a poster of an anime character, borrows the glasses of a bystander, and makes like that character and one of the kids nearby recognizes the character. Hiou points out a flag sticking out of Harry's pocket.

The flag is comics related and Hiou suggests it was given to him by someone Harry likes. He says it's lame and calls Harry naive. Harry's embarrassed and takes off. His gang speculate about Harry and the beauty salon owner and follow him from the scene. Kanae gets into the act and she and Hiou pretend it's part of a promo connected to the poster.

As they leave, Hiou is recognized as Hiou Uesegi. Kanae thanks Hiou for the rescue. Hiou says how the day was a wash and he'd just looked lame. She's surprised and tells him that when he started performing as that character, that's the man she knows is inside him and is the coolest man. Hiou tries to be cool, saying it's natural since he'll become a big shot.

Then he presents his White Day gift and explains he'd invited her because he wanted to hand it to her. She accepts. Later she asks why he's familiar with the lines of that anime character. He explains that during the standby time for kids, the default of the TV is anime, so he's seen that show so many times that he's fed up with it. Cut to Hiou's agency where they get an offer for Hiou to do a live-action version of that anime.


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