Wan Zi
Skip beat Wan Zi
Live-action Name Wan Zi (勝翊)
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Occupation Waitress
Affiliations Bu Dao Weng (Darumaya)
Live-action Episode 1
Live Action Actor Tsai Yi Chen (Wu Xiong)

Wan Zi is a character who appears only in the live-action adaption. She works with Gong Xi (Kyoko Mogami) at Bu Dao Weng (Darumaya) and is her only friend at the beginning of the drama. She is played by Taiwanese actress Tsai Yi Chen, better known by her stage name Wu Xiong.

Personality Edit

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Plot Edit

Wan Zi asks Gong Xi's permission to host a party at that large apartment she works so hard to pay the rent for. She's a bit put off when Gong Xi turns her down, and wonders whether Gong Xi is secretly keeping a man.

She helps Gong Xi pursue stardom in her early attempt to attract attention by walking down the street. When they are approached by a pervert, she and Gong Xi beat him up together.

During the class exercise that forces them to hug, Nan Qing tells Gong Xi that Wan Zi is her first friend.

Wan Zi, along with the restaurant owners, drag Gong Xi out of her room to watch the Dark Moon premiere with them.

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Trivia Edit

  • Wan Zi is the only prominent supporting character who exclusively appears in the live-action adaptation.

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