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Lucky Number "25" After ~Sweet Bitter~

Valentine's Mystery: Yukihito Yashiro Edition

Valentine's Mystery: vs. Reino Edition

Plot LocationEdit

Valentine's Mystery: vs. Yukihito Yashiro Edition is the extra chapter from Volume 24.

What is revealedEdit

  • In this extra chapter, it is revealed that Yashiro is a pet-lover.

Extra Chapter SummaryEdit

For many generations, the Yashiro household has been a family of cat-lovers. The newest addition to their family is a cat is named Akami-sama. Being grown up in such a family, even once, Yashiro says he really wants to have a pet dog. He says that he really wants to know how
Yashiro's pets
it is like to live with a dog, just the two of them walking in the beach or field but his current apartment doesn't allow dogs.
Yashiro dreaming

Ren also added that there's also no one to take care of his dog then because he's at work. Yashiro narrates that dogs are not like cats, because you can't let them wander on their own. Yashiro sighs and says he could only dream about it then and he would be satisfied even though his dog was little one.

Then, Yashiro says that the tiny Sesame Shiba Inu are really cute. Ren replies that those were not small dogs, so he shouldn't get fooled by it's name.
Yashiro giving up

Little did they know, the two female from the Dark Moon staff where eavesdropping on their conversation all along. A narration says that Yashiro was about to be attacked by dogs, although by a different kind.

Character In Order of AppearanceEdit

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