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Tsuruga-san's Troubles

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Tsuruga-san's Troubles is the first chapter from Skip Beat! Tribute - Yes, We Love!. This chapter was written by Miyuki Mitsubachi.

Chapter SummaryEdit

On a whim Ren checks out a fortunetelling site and the day's fortune he gets is "A Day of Many Temptations" where he'll be afflicted with lots of unexpected close calls that will capture his heart. When Ren tells Yashiro about it, Yashiro laughs it off. Then they get to the Dark Moon set and it's one cuteness attack after another by Kyoko on Ren's common sense and his control wavers. At one point, the necklace Kyoko is wearing as part of her Mio costume cames undone. She thinks it fell somewhere by those chairs and is searching for it.

Then Ren points to the button on the back of her blouse where the necklace had caught and is dangling. Kyoko can't reach it so Ren offers to free it for her. She's embarrassed, probably for not noticing it was there like an idiot. And Ren's faced with the seduction of her vulnerable back and nape—and maybe imagining undoing the button of her top as a prelude to undressing her.

In fact, Ren's so tempted that he's forced to take a timeout to regain his control before finally freeing the necklace. And later, he nearly reaches out to stroke Kyoko's head, then considers taking a ballpoint pen to his rebellious hand. He finds an out-of-the-way place to sit and think and imagines Kyoko's shock if he'd given in to impulse. Kyoko goes to call Ren and finds him sitting with his eyes closed. She assumes he's sleeping.

She's tempted to stroke his hair and from her thoughts it turns out that she'd gotten the same fortune for the day as Ren, so she'd been extra careful. But then she succumbs to temptation and strokes his hair, while Ren pretends to sleep and thinks that it's now torture.