Toudou-san talks to Kyoko
Kanji 東堂
Rōmaji Todoh
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Lawyer
Manga ACT.220

Todoh is a co-worker of Saena Mogami from Viride General Law Office. Todoh was the person who handed Kyoko's letter to Saena and the person who arranged Kyoko's appointment with Saena. His first name is unknown.


Todoh is professional and logical. He is also is good-hearted as he genuinely cares for Saena and is encouraging her relationship with Kyoko.


He always wears professional suits and glasses. His dark-colored hair is clean-cut and swept back.


His family has connections with the police, and as a young child he used to do detective-type work such as investigating fingerprints as a hobby.


Saena's arcEdit

Whilst Saena was checking Kyoko's page on the LME website, Saena's brows were knitted and she seems unhappy.[1] Todoh notices and comments on the crease in the brow reflecting her heart being in torrent, and that it mars her beauty.[2] They discuss her having to do television appearances to fill in for a superior who is sick.

Todoh meets with Kyoko at Vivian Cafe, and is surprised at how different she looks now compared to when she was a child. They briefly mention how much past they share, which isn't much. Kyoko only knows him from having looked at the law office's website. Todoh mentions the passport consent to Kyoko and tells her that there was a chance Saena would not give her consent at all. When Kyoko confirms that she had already guessed this, Todoh calls her intelligent. He cryptically mentions her father, stating that it is no surprise Kyoko's smart when both her parents were. However, when Kyoko presses him for information about her father, he doesn't answer. Though he continues to be cryptic by stating that he never knew the man's real name.

Todoh drives Kyoko to meet with Saena, and they arrive at the office parking long just as Saena is exiting the building.


Saena MogamiEdit

Todoh and Saena seem to know each other quite well. Since Todoh mentions having seen Kyoko when she was little, they have known each other for a long time. Their intimacy with each other's personalities is hinted at when Todoh reveals he knows Saena's greatest weakness is Kyoko's father.

Kyoko MogamiEdit

Todoh saw Kyoko when she was 3 or 4 years old. When he sees her again in Vivian Cafe, he was surprised on how Kyoko changed so much from the last time he saw her. He cautions Kyoko about the possibilities that could have occurred when she asked for her passport consent. He also comments on her intelligence. However, he does not freely share information with her.

Kazushi MisonoiEdit

He mentioned to have known about some details about Kyoko's father but he does not know what he looks like or his real name.


  • (to Saena Mogami) Oh-ho, I haven't seen the deep Mogami River on your brow for quite a while. You haven't changed. Your heart is always a torrent when it overflows.[3]


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