The Miraculous Language of Angels arc

Lory Takarada, the LME President, was impressed with Kyoko's work with Ruriko. Now, he assigns her to help his granddaughter heal her wounds from a childhood tragedy and in return, Kyoko could get a free ride through the LME Acting school. Kyoko ended up playing a role in the play the students are practicing, and put her own twist on the role that helped Maria go through her fears. This made Lory and Kanae, the second Love Me Member, acknowledge her acting skills.

Message: Words can be used and interpreted in more than one way, so it's best to keep an open mind and heart.

Manga Anime
Volumes 3-4 Number of Episodes 3
Number of Chapters 5
Previous Arc: Princess Coup d'Etat arc Next Arc: Bo's arc

Notable MomentsEdit

  • Kyoko runs into Kanae Kotonami again and discovers that she has also been drafted into the "Love Me" section. She uses her demons on Kanae to prevent her from leaving, determined to get someone else wearing the ghastly uniform.
  • Lory explains to Kyoko and Kanae the story behind Maria's mother's death, and why he thinks this is the reason she's been interfering with the acting class.
  • Kyoko reveals her own parenting issues when she agrees that a parent can hate a child.
  • The acting class calls on Kyoko to act the part of the older sister as hateful while still convincing the younger sister that her father loves her. Kyoko reverses the lines and stuns everyone at how effective this is.
  • Maria interrupts Kyoko's acting challenge as herself, and opens up about her own estrangement with her father and his emails.
  • Kyoko reveals to Maria and Lory that she never knew her father. The other two both pick up on cues that she is estranged from her mother.
  • Lory informs Kyoko that he'll need to get her mother's permission for her to be a member of LME due to Kyoko's young age.


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