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The Locked-up Sleeping Beauty

Dazzling Showtime: Sho-Biz Challenge 24 Hours

The Locked-up Sleeping Beauty is the sixth chapter from Skip Beat! Tribute - Yes, We Love!.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Lory gets Kyoko to clean his personal costume room in the office of the president in the LME building. While she's playing around there, salivating over a princess tiara, she falls into and gets trapped in a box, losing a shoe in the process.

No one hears her when she bangs away for help, her cell phone's out of power, and even her demons don't get her out. But her demons were apparently enough to move the box because Ren hears a noise and asks Lory about it.

Lory says it came from his costume room then wonders aloud if it has something to do with Kyoko. When Ren hears that, he tells Lory he'll go check on her. By this time, Kyoko's exhausted by her efforts that she falls asleep. Ren sees the shoe and the box, then when he opens the box, finds Kyoko sleeping. She dreams that the one who saves the princess is the prince. Ren sees her as Sleeping Beauty, then remembering the shoe, switches to Cinderella and restores her shoe. As he carries her out of the box, she starts to wake up and call him "Prince."

He switches over to Snow White, saying the effect of the curse still hasn't been lifted, and of course, only "that" will dispel the curse. He asks her where he should to it and touches her lips, adding that if she remains quiet he won't understand. Then he offers to do lots of things to her, and that jolts her awake. She concludes that he's not a prince but the Emperor of the Night.

She hides behind a curtain. He tells her not to be so scared, that it was a joke. When he lifts the curtain, she pulls an Egyptian sarcophagus mask over her face to guard against him, and he bursts out laughing. And she thinks that even in her dreams, she can't lower her guard.


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