The Emotion She Lacks

The Emotion She Lacks
Episode 3 title card
Kanji 欠けてる気持ち
Rōmaji Kaketeru Kimochi
Episode Information
Air Date October 19, 2008
Opening Dream Star by the generous
Ending Namida (ナミダ) by 2BACKKA
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Feast of Horror The Labyrinth of Reunion

The Emotion She Lacks is the third episode of the anime series.


It's Kyoko's turn on stage and she makes a great impression on the judges with her unique skill. However in the second audition her hatred overwhelms her causing her to be eliminated. After a talk with Sawara, Kyoko realizes that as an artiste she must want to be loved and want to love people back, however she knows that she has lost this essential emotion. She ponders and cries over this loss the whole night, and decides not to continue trying but the Boss at Darumaya challenges her decision.

Both Sawara and the President were taken with Kyoko and wish they could do more. The President then has an idea but Kyoko must return to LME on her own.

Episode SummaryEdit

Kyoko's performance was to cut the daikon (radish) into a rose, using a knife lent by her boss at Darumaya. Her performance amazes the judges including the president, Lory, since the skill is famous and difficult to master. Though the daikon turns out to be a peony (lettuce) rather than a rose, Kyoko easily passes. As she continues to the next audition, entry number 46 (known as Kanae Kotonami later on) approaches her.

She taunts her, warning Kyoko that the test they were about to take was the true beginning of the audition. The test required participants to react to a phone call and participants started to act out happiness. Entry number 46 actually even manages to shed tears. When it came to Kyoko, however, she reacted with what the judges describe 'strong murderous aura', as the voice of the phone reminded her of how Sho dumped her.

The phone is thrown angrily onto the ground, and the president seems about to cry at the sight. Later, Sawara reveals that she didn't pass that level because she was missing the important emotion of love. Kyoko returns to Darumaya, thinking about the path she was going to take, and her childhood. She decides to give up on competing with Sho, but her boss at Darumaya expresses strong dissent at this. The president of L.M.E. also mentions Kyoko to Sawara, and the plans he could have for her if she were the next talent.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Lory Takarada
  2. Takenori Sawara
  3. Kyoko Mogami
  4. Other contestants -stage right
  5. Number 46 (Kanae Kotonami)
  6. Gossipy contestants - stage left
  7. Nakazawa
  8. Matsushima
  9. Taisho
  10. Young Kyoko Mogami
  11. Sho's mother
  12. Sho's father
  13. Judge #5
  14. Sho Fuwa
  15. Taisho's Wife
  16. Ren Tsuruga
  17. Announcer
  18. Kyoko Apparitions
  19. Maria Takarada
  20. Darumaya (restaurant) customers
  21. Shoko Aki
  22. Corn (item)


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