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Taisho is worried about Kyoko
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Presumably in his late 40's
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed wife
Occupation Boss at Darumaya
Manga ACT.001
Anime And the Box Was Opened
Live-action Episode 1 (Live-action)
Seiyū Haruo Satou
Live Action Actor Chen Bozheng

Taisho is Kyoko's boss at Darumaya. He shows a lot of care for Kyoko and played a big role when Kyoko started entering showbiz. Because of the advice he gave to Kyoko, she did not give up on showbiz and went to LME again and became the first member of the Love Me Section.

He also appears in the live-action adaption of the series with his wife


He is usually quiet and rarely talks. But, even with his silent behavior, he seems to care deeply for Kyoko, as he gave her advice which encouraged her not to give up on showbiz.

He is an itamae.


He is usually seen wearing a white headband and his white uniform while cooking in the Darumaya restaurant.

Background Edit

He only has his wife as his only family and they do not seem to have any kids.


  • Along with his wife, any part of their name is still unknown, even though they appeared in the first episodes of every adaption of the Skip Beat! series.


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