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Introduction arcEdit

Introduction arc

After finding out that Sho has been using her to be his maid all along, Kyoko vows to get revenge by joining showbiz and beating him at it. She tries to get into Sho's rival agency, LME, through Takenori Sawara. Although, she has failed the auditions, the President asks her to be a part of a newly formed section called the Love Me Section and still have a chance to work in showbiz.

Manga Anime
Volumes 1-2 Number of Episodes 5
Number of Chapters 8
Previous Arc: N/A Next Arc: Princess Coup d'Etat arc

Princess Coup d'Etat arcEdit

Princess Coup d'Etat arc

Kyoko's first big assignment as a member of the Love Me Section is a job for Ruriko Matsunai! In truth, Ruriko had never wanted her help and only wanted her to fail since she doesn't like the new section. Ruriko asks Kyoko to carry her from the top of a hill, which results in Kyoko spraining her ankle. Kyoko then discovers that Ruriko has been wanting to put her down all along so she accepts her challenge to battle her with acting.

Manga Anime
Volumes 2-3 Number of Episodes 2
Number of Chapters 6
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The Miraculous Language of Angels arcEdit

The Miraculous Language of Angels arc

Lory Takarada, the LME President, was impressed with Kyoko's work with Ruriko. Now, he assigns her to help his granddaughter heal her wounds from a childhood tragedy and in return, Kyoko could get a free ride through the LME Acting School. Kyoko ended up playing a role in the play the students are practicing, and put her own twist on the role that helped Maria go through her fears. This made Lory and Kanae, the second Love Me Member, acknowledge her acting skills.

Manga Anime
Volumes 3-4 Number of Episodes 3
Number of Chapters 5
Previous Arc: Princess Coup d'Etat arc Next Arc: Bo's arc

Bo's arcEdit

Bo's arc

In order to support the high cost of the program, Kyoko gets a job as a seat filler on a variety show. But when one of the actors gets sick, Kyoko has to fill in for the man in the chicken suit. To make matters worse, Sho is the guest on the variety show. Kyoko tries to reveal Sho's embarrassing secrets on the show but fails. The producer of the show did not like that she changed the set up during a recording and therefore fired her. After that, Kyoko, still in the chicken suit, encounters Ren and unexpectedly befriends him.

Manga Anime
Volumes 4-5 Number of Episodes 1
Number of Chapters 5
Previous Arc: The Miraculous Language of Angels arc Next Arc: Curara CM arc

Curara CM arcEdit

Curara CM arc

Kyoko goes on a commercial audition, where she sees Kanae, who is also auditioning for the commercial. However, a rich girl who considers Kanae as her rival is also at the audition and create ways to bring Kanae down as much as possible. Kyoko teams up with Kanae to teach the rich girl her lesson and their friendship develops.

Manga Anime
Volumes 5-6 Number of Episodes 3
Number of Chapters 6
Previous Arc: Bo's arc Next Arc: Manager arc

Manager arcEdit

Manager arc

Yukihito Yashiro, Ren's manager, gets a fever and therefore could not attend his manager duties. LME then assigns Kyoko as Ren's substitute manager as a Love Me Task. Kyoko strives her best to complete her task as Ren's substitute manager and also managing studying for her entrance exam in her new school in between.

Manga Anime
Volumes 6-7 Number of Episodes 2
Number of Chapters 7
Previous Arc: Curara CM arc Next Arc: Prisoner arc

Prisoner arcEdit

Prisoner arc

Kyoko lands a role as an angel turned evil in Sho's PV! Kyoko pretends to be a stranger, but it does not take long for Sho to recognize his rejected old childhood friend. Kyoko's acting skills prove to Sho that she really did enter the showbiz world and how much she's grown and changed since she found out Sho has been using her all along...

Manga Anime
Volumes 7-8 Number of Episodes 3
Number of Chapters 8
Previous Arc: Manager arc Next Arc: Kanae's arc

Kanae's arcEdit

Kanae's arc

Kyoko finds out that a famous child star, Hiou Uesugi, has been causing her best friend, Moko-san, some problems. She helps Kanae sort out her problems with Hiou and later finds out more about Kanae's deepest secrets, like her big family. After Kanae tells Kyoko her secrets, she demands to know hers...

Manga Anime
Volumes 8-9 Number of Episodes N/A
Number of Chapters 5
Previous Arc: Prisoner arc Next Arc: Dark Moon arc

Dark Moon arcEdit

Dark Moon arc

Kyoko lands a role in Dark Moon, a remake of a popular drama 20 years ago. She had trouble with her role but with Ren's help, she made the best version of her role, better than the original. Ren is also having trouble with his role. He doesn't know how to act love but that all changes when he finally realizes—with the help of a certain chicken mascot— that he is indeed in love with someone. He passes his role's acting test.

Manga Anime
Volumes 9-13 Number of Episodes 6
Number of Chapters 28
Previous Arc: Kanae's arc Next Arc: Suddenly, a Love Story arc

Suddenly, a Love Story arcEdit

Suddenly, a Love Story arc

Dark Moon shoots in Karuizawa. A new band named Vie Ghoul is threatening Sho's position in the music industry. Vie Ghoul's goal is to take away everything that is Sho's. With some words from Kyoko, Sho is determined to create better music and not to lose to anyone except her. Also, Vie Ghoul's lead vocalist, Reino, has taken a surprise liking to Kyoko, which Sho and Ren do not like at all.

Manga Anime
Volumes 14-17 Number of Episodes N/A
Number of Chapters 19
Previous Arc: Dark Moon arc Next Arc: Kuu's arc

Kuu's arcEdit

Kuu's arc

A famous international star, Kuu Hizuri, has come to visit Japan. But he doesn't just go there to promote his movie, he also wants to see his son, Kuon Hizuri, who just happens to be Japan's top actor. The problem however is Kuon doesn't want to see him. Lory helps Kuu with his problem and plans that if he is brutal enough to Kyoko and makes her cry, Kuon would go and face him straight away.

Manga Anime
Volumes 17-19 Number of Episodes N/A
Number of Chapters 15
Previous Arc: Suddenly, a Love Story arc Next Arc: Lucky Number arc

Lucky Number arcEdit

Lucky Number arc

It is Maria's birthday but she does not want to celebrate it because it's her mother's death anniversary. Kyoko cheers her up and says that instead of a birthday party, they will have a "Happy Grateful Party." A special guest for Maria comes to the party and she reunites with him. When the clock strikes midnight, Kyoko gets a giant rose from someone for her 17th birthday.

Manga Anime
Volumes 20 Number of Episodes N/A
Number of Chapters 6
Previous Arc: Kuu's arc Next Arc: Natsu's arc

Natsu's arcEdit

Natsu's arc

Kyoko gets a new role for her new drama, Box "R". Kyoko is having trouble with her roles and can't seem to escape from her famously dark Mio role. With some help from her beloved senpai, Kyoko figures out her role and makes the best Natsu anyone could ever create. Someone seems to be jealous of her achievement, even going as far as pushing her down the stairs.

Manga Anime
Volumes 21-23 Number of Episodes N/A
Number of Chapters 17
Previous Arc: Lucky Number arc Next Arc: Valentine arc

Valentine arcEdit

Valentine arc

It's Valentine's Day, but it doesn't seem like that to Kyoko at all. Reino has taken one of her apparitions hostage to blackmail her into making him handmade Valentine chocolates. Sho gets jealous and visits her at the Dark Moon set, doing something to her which she finds unpleasant and provokes Ren into action.

Manga Anime
Volumes 23-25 Number of Episodes N/A
Number of Chapters 13
Previous Arc: Natsu's arc Next Arc: Violence Mission arc

Violence Mission arcEdit

Violence Mission arc

Lory is very disappointed in the girls of the Love Me Section and sets up special new assignments to teach them the power of love. As for "something dangerous," Kyoko is ordered to play the role of Ren's sister, Setsuka Heel, for an upcoming movie project while Ren struggles with the emotional turmoil of his past. Was the President was right when he claimed Kyoko was Ren’s good luck charm? Will her strange but good-natured ways be enough to keep him from his own darkness?

Manga Anime
Volumes 26-28 Number of Episodes N/A
Number of Chapters 19
Previous Arc: Valentine arc Next Arc: Psychedelic Caution arc

Psychedelic Caution arcEdit

Psychedelic Caution arc

Dark Moon has wrapped up. It has surpassed the original version, and due to its unbelievable success there's a special wrap up party. Kyoko is torn in her feelings and unknowingly follows along when Kijima takes her to a stylist to become "twice as mature and beautiful." At the party, Ren is angry at the sight of Kijima and Kyoko together. Later on, someone watches the Dark Moon interview and gets furious.

Manga Anime
Volumes 29 Number of Episodes N/A
Number of Chapters 4
Previous Arc: Violence Mission arc Next Arc: Dark Breath arc

Dark Breath arcEdit

Dark Breath arc

The act of the Heel Siblings has officially started. The Tragic Marker crew start filming with Cain and Setsu. Ren is having a hard time fighting against his real self, Kuon. But with the help of Kyoko, his "lucky charm," he manages to remain in control and play the role of BJ properly.

Manga Anime
Volumes 29-34 Number of Episodes N/A
Number of Chapters 29
Previous Arc: Psychedelic Caution arc Next Arc: Technicolor Paradise arc

Technicolor Paradise arcEdit

Technicolor Paradise arc

The last part of the Tragic Marker shooting ends in Guam. Unexpectedly, Kyoko sees her fairy prince, Corn (who is actually Ren in his natural form), again and re-unites with him. With Kyoko's help, Kuon/Ren makes a new pact that he will tell the truth to Kyoko someday soon. During the Tragic Marker shooting, Setsu becomes more clingy to Cain and Ren praises Kyoko for her acting.

Manga Anime
Volumes 34-36 Number of Episodes N/A
Number of Chapters 12
Previous Arc: Dark Breath arc Next Arc: Saena's arc

Saena's arcEdit

Saena's arc

Kyoko sees her mother again, Saena Mogami - who she is not on good terms with. After getting disappointed and rejected by her mother many times, Kyoko finally gets the courage to have a proper talk with her to know more about her birth and Saena's past. Kyoko promises that one day, she will surely make her mother recognize her as a daughter by becoming a proper actress that can do all kind of roles.

Manga Anime
Volumes 36-39 Number of Episodes N/A
Number of Chapters 18
Previous Arc: Technicolor Paradise arc Next Arc: A Lotus in the Mud arc

A Lotus in the Mud arcEdit

A Lotus in the Mud arc

A strange request comes to the Love Me Section, a request for revenge of a stolen role. Kyoko dismisses it until she hears the role was concerning the same drama Kanae was forced into playing by the President. Kyoko investigates to see if there may be any truth to the claim. Hearing that there is going to be re-audition for the role of Momiji, a female ninja, Kyoko decides to attempt it for she wishes to co-star with Kanae.

Manga Anime
Volumes 40-??? Number of Episodes N/A
Number of Chapters 22 (as of ACT.255)
Previous Arc: Saena's arc Next Arc: N/A