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Skip Beat! Tribute Again - Mogami Princess


Skip Beat! Tribute Again - Mogami Princess was released following the success of Skip Beat! Tribute - Yes, We Love!. The author for this tribute chapters was the same one who wrote the chapter I Like You! Please Reply Smartly!, one of the chapters that was included on Skip Beat! Tribute - Yes We Love!.

Chapter SummaryEdit

The tribute this time is about a love sim game titled "Mogami Princess ♥" featuring various appearances of Kyoko; Lory and Maria tried to develop it together (the first page shows the packaging of the sim game with the blurb: A Love Adventure Game ☆ You Will Fall in Love with Which Kyoko!?). He wants Ren and Yashiro to test it for him. Yashiro tries to protest that Ren doesn't have the time, but Lory kind of brushes it aside. The player is represented by Bo.

Ren says it's his first time to play that sort of game. Yashiro's kind of awkward at Ren's admission, but wonders if the game has Kyoko's permission. The game starts with a voiceover waking up "Nii-san" at 6:30 am, so Yashiro identifies the context as a little sister waking her brother (apparently thinking of his own family), then the scene shows Setsu looking very un-little-sisterly, so Yashiro concludes he's mistaken. Someone corrects Yashiro, telling him Setsu is the little sister and she's cute. Yashiro protests that such a sexy little sister is impossible—then Setsu embraces Bo (the player who's supposed to be Nii-san)—and Yashiro freaks, shouting that the impression given by the scene is awful (or risky).

Lory explains that Setsuka is an easy walkthrough with the maximum favorable impression from the start. However, if you (the player) get close to other girls, it can turn her wings black. He encourages them to keep at it.

The scene shows knocking on the door and someone calling out "Good morning! It's morning! Wake up!" Someone (probably Yashiro) wonders if Setsuka has another younger sister. Then "young Kuon" enters the scene, addressing the player as "Dad." Someone (probably Yashiro) shouts, "What's going on with this family composition?" Then someone else (probably Lory) reassures him it's fine, that none of them are blood relations. The reply to which is "That's so like a shoujo manga!"

Kuon opens the curtains and says a black bird is looking for trash and asks what the bird is called in Japanese. Player options are suzume (tree sparrow); tsubame (barn swallow); karasu (crow) with the caret pointing at "crow." Someone (probably Lory) explains that Kuon's favorable impression is also easy to increase because she cooks for the player and if you stroke her head, she's bashful. Yashiro gives the game one point for that because it's cute. But doing so apparently makes Setsuka turn grim.

Yashiro worries that Bo will be turned into visual kei. So Ren suggests avoiding it by choosing "go to work." As he clicks it, someone (probably Yashiro) shouts that choice is probably no good. But the choice has Setsuka and Kuon convulsing in fangasms because a capable guy is cool! Yashiro (probably) compliments Ren, saying he's great.

The choice has Bo "enthusiastic and standing on the platform [this would be in the front of the classroom]." Someone is shocked that Bo's a teacher. Bo notices someone dozing off and calls on Hongo. (Yashiro cheers at Mio's entry, and it's before her transformation, so he finds it nostalgic.) The class laughs at her startled reaction. Bo sends her out to stand in the hall for three minutes for nodding off in class. When she comes back three minutes later, she's the transformed Mio with short hair, saying he's hateful. Yashiro shouts, "What happened?" He thinks that from the knife she's holding, she intends to kill. Then a classmate (Kyoko from the Kyurara commercial) shouts to Hongo-san that she mustn't; that there's no point in bloodshed because being made to stand in the hall is difficult.

The stabbing scene turns into a Kyurara commercial for the autumn release of the Kyurara chicken ketchup flavor. Yashiro is shocked by the advertising, and even Ren comments that it seems crude [the term he used is mazu-sou, likely a reference to the Maui omurice aka Oahu omelet incident]. Yashiro tells Lory that it seems kind of different from the usual love sim game—and the new Kyurara is awfully unappetizing.

Lory ponders that. He says Mio seems popular with some segments (picture of maybe Reino hugging a body pillow with a print of a knife-holding Mio). He goes on to say that it's probably better to expand the scope of the setup. For example, Natsu attacking the player, for people with M (masochist) inclinations. Of course, in actual conditions, it would be Yumika doing it. Scene of Natsu watching Yumika forcing Bo to drink soy sauce, and Bo asking for mayonnaise too. Someone exclaims it makes a lie of the title (Mogami Princess).

Lory suggests they try the club activities. Yashiro approves of what he sees, saying you foster love through the club activities, and it's really like a love sim game. Ren asks if the ones recruiting advisers are the tea ceremony club and the drama club. Lory says several teachers recommended the player at random for the drama club: the softball club coach (Director Anna of Box "R"), the handicrafts club adviser (Director Ogata of Dark Moon), the tennis club adviser (Director Shingai of Ring Doh), and the pop music club adviser (Director Kurosaki of the Kyurara CM). Lory adds that in club activities "body touch" (physical contact?) is possible, which shocks Yashiro again. Yashiro then fangirls, telling Ren "Did you hear that? He said body touch. Isn't that great? But she'll get mad at you if you touch her somewhere strange. You lecher!"

Ren's cool, saying that places like the eyes are delicate. Yashiro's taken aback that Ren wants to touch there. He starts scolding Ren for his lack of reaction when it's a game where he can make Kyoko fall in love. Ren counters that it's because it's a game; it's a game, not reality. No matter how many sweet words he whispers, they won't reach her; no matter how many times he's told that he's liked (loved) by those girls, they're not the real her. Ren and Yashiro have a moment of understanding and clink their Kyurara together.

So Yashiro suggests that after quickly observing the clubs, then they go home. But the scene shifts to Kyoko in her Love Me uniform. She says she has a part-time job so she's with the go-home club (meaning not a member of any club). Yashiro notes that the original Kyoko is also there—only to see Ren suddenly typing furiously. Yashiro reminds him that he (Ren) had said something excellent just now, so why so suddenly...? On the screen, Bo is bombarding questions and comments at Kyoko: what's her name?; interests?; maybe he'll become the adviser of the go-home club; has she ... ever ... kissed?; shall he teach her? Yashiro orders Ren to quit attacking Kyoko-chan because she's pitiful.

Lory says the cost of the game is ¥5,000 (~US$51). Ren promptly ask for three, holding up a card. Yashiro confiscates the laptop from Ren. Ren asks Yashiro to return it. Yashiro refuses since Ren probably intends to keep playing it. Ren says he can clear it in two hours. Yashiro's disbelieving since Ren's a guy who hasn't even confessed to Kyoko in the 10 years since the serialization started.

The narrative continues: At that time, I feel we forgot something very important. While bickering with Ren, Yashiro apparently holds on to the laptop too long—and the TV explodes. Happy End!


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