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Skip Beat! Love Me

Skip Beat! Fanbook - Love Me! is a special comic book published by Hakusensha, written by Yoshiki Nakamura. It was released on February 19, 2009 in Japan. The fanbook has 176 pages.


The Skip Beat! Fanbook - Love Me! includes items like photographs and lists all the information about the Skip Beat! manga series.[1]


Here is a list of what the Skip Beat! Fanbook has:

  • Illustration Gallery 1 | Skip Beat! Portrait ~Frame Out~
  • Illustration Gallery 2 | Skip Beat! Portrait ~Frame In~
  • Greetings
  • Prologue
    • Includes a relationship diagramEnglish Diagram between the main characters.
  • Stage 1 - Main cast & Quest
    • Kyoko Mogami
    • Ren Tsuruga
    • Sho Fuwa
    • Kanae Kotonami
  • Stage 2 - Subcast & Showbiz
    • Special Feature 1 | LME Lock On!
    • Special Feature 2 | Show-biz World Power Hitter
  • Stage 3 - Playlist and Guide
  • Stage 4 - Past & Episode
    • ACT.X - Lucky Number "25" After ~Sweet Bitter~
    • TV Anime | Exciting Heat Up!
    • Love Me | Voice Actors Show!
    • Nakamura-sensei's Q & A
  • Stage 5 - Best and Contest
  • Epilogue - Kyoko's Famous (Perplexing) Lines



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