Skip Beat! - Original Soundtrack
Skip beat ost live action
Type OST
Artist Various
CD's inlcuded 1
Number of songs 10

Skip Beat! - Original Soundtrack is an album from the Skip Beat! live-action series. It contains one CD with ten songs. The album features Super Junior M and Lee Donghae, who plays Sho Fuwa in the live-action adaption.[1]


  1. S.O.L.O - Super Junior M
  2. Zhe Shi Ai - Donghae feat. Henry
  3. Deng Ni - A Lin
  4. Bu Liu Ji Nian - Zhou Mi
  5. Wei Lai - Mi Fei
  6. Ai Ni Mei You Tai Duo Li You - Bei Bei
  7. Yi Chang Wei Xun - Roomie
  8. Shou Yong - Shin
  9. Zhe Shi Ai [Piano Version]
  10. S.O.L.O [Guitar Version]



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