Shoko Aki
Shoko Aki
Live-action - Anime
Aki shoko
Kanji 安芸 祥子
Rōmaji Aki Shōko
Live-action Name Yangyang (鴦鴦)
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Probably in her late 20's
Status Alive
Occupation Manager of Sho Fuwa
Affiliations Akotaki Agency
Manga ACT.001
Anime And the Box Was Opened
Game PS2 Game
Live-action Episode 1 (Live-action)
Seiyū Rio Natsuki
English Voice Actor Karen Strassman
Live Action Actor Ada Pan


Shoko Aki is the manager of Sho Fuwa. She works at Akatoki Agency. Originally she wanted to debut as an actor however she judged herself not talented enough to make it big. Still wanting to be involved in Showbiz, she became a manager.

Personality Edit

Shoko is shown to be a nice person for she seems to be sympathetic regarding Kyoko's situation and urges Sho to let her go[1].

Shoko states to Kyoko that she is proud of her good judgement[2].

She understands her own limitations for she thanks Kyoko for bringing Sho back to himself (even though it was unintentional) during the Vie Ghoul crisis; something that she was at a loss at how to do herself.

Shoko doesn't mind disobeying agency rules by becoming involved with Sho more than as a manager—as long as he's actually not dating anyone himself. [3]

Shoko is apparently pretty flexible when it comes to schedules[4].


Shoko has a long, wavy, brown-colored hair with grey eyes. She is considered to be very attractive and usually wears business clothing that consists of a coat, a top, high-waisted coat and a necklace. Both Sho and Kyoko have described her figure as "sexy dynamite"[5] or "dynamite body"[6].


Shoko mentions she went to a university where many famous people have come from[7]. Shoko said that up until university, she wanted to be an actress herself but she gave up on her dream, judging herself not talented enough to succeed in acting[8]. However, she still wanted a job that had to do with the showbiz industry so she became a manager.


Sho FuwaEdit

Shoko mentions that Sho has practically moved in to her place. That she is being forced to take care of him as Sho says it is her duty as his manager. Sho tries to hit on her a numerous times stating that she is his type, while she thinks of him as a cute but also spoiled & childish. Shoko claims to have gotten to know Sho better but not as well as Kyoko does. She knows of Sho's possessiveness and often tries to avoid the landmines involving Kyoko. She believes Sho to have romantic feelings for Kyoko and persuades him to move forward with it.

Haruki AsamiEdit

Both of them seem to have normal conversation and are on good terms. Both of them usually discuss Sho's unusual bad mood which they deduce to have connection with Kyoko.

Kyoko MogamiEdit

Shoko seems to feel sympathetic towards Kyoko for being treated as a servant by Sho. Shoko was genuinely surprised by the frequent transformations of Kyoko in her roles, almost failed to recognize her a few times. Despite their initial meeting, both seem to be on good terms.


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