Sho and Kyoko's Relationship
Sho picks breakfast for Kyoko
Relationship Type Romantic/Hatred
Relationship Status Childhood friends

Initally, ever since childhood, Kyoko Mogami was in love with Sho Fuwa but it all ended when she overheard that Sho was only using her all along and started to have hatred for him, going as far as joining showbiz just to get revenge on him.

Currently, Sho is hinted to have romantic feelings for Kyoko while Kyoko is gradually learning to forgive him for everything he did to her.

The two of them grew up together so they know a lot about each other. They have a special relationship, an unbreakable bond that others usually mistake for a romantic relationship.[1][2] Sho knows about Kyoko's taste in food[3] as well as her tastes in other things, like cosmetics and flowers [4], vice-versa with Kyoko, who knows Sho's favorites and preferences.

Romantic MomentsEdit

Sho's feelings for KyokoEdit

Initially, Sho claims that he does not feel any romantic feelings for Kyoko and only thinks of her as his servant, which was the reason why he brought Kyoko to Tokyo with him.

But, however, despite him calling Kyoko a "plain, boring woman". Sho has been amazed and captivated by the transformations of Kyoko's appearance, and began to think that Kyoko looks glamorous in all them. Like when Kyoko starred as an angel in his PV, dressed as Mio and even when
Kyoko and Sho's kiss

Sho's forced kiss on Kyoko.

Kyoko appeared in the Special Dark Moon cast interview[10], which he watched. After seeing all of Kyoko's transformations, Sho does not admit that he is fascinated directly but instead gives other nicknames for Kyoko, "Soul-sucking demon" and "Shape-shifting demon soul sucker".[11]

Sho has also been extremely jealous (yet constantly denies this) after the order of Kyoko's chocolates got mixed up into saying that she loved the leader of Vie Ghoul, Reino (where he and Kyoko actually stated he should go to Hell). Because of this, he believed that Kyoko is in love with Reino, someone he considers worse than Ren and is "unacceptable".

In one occasion, Sho has gotten so jealous that he took on the appearance of a Japanese demon. So in an effort to regain his position in Kyoko's mind, he bought a very large bouquet of flowers and a $500 bite size chocolate as a "congrats" present to her for finally getting a boyfriend. 

Sho's expression thinking about Kyoko

Sho's expression admitting Kyoko's ability to stroke his tension.

However, after discovering that Kyoko does not in fact love Reino, he forcefully kisses her, stunning the Dark Moon cast. When Kyoko yells at him and pushes him away, Sho smirks at Ren.

Ren is was furious but managed to keep his emotions under control. According to Sho, he wanted a taste of the expensive chocolate he gave her and kissed her to get a piece of it from her mouth. Sho then walked away, confident that he has reassured his place in Kyoko's heart as the one she thinks of the most, since he wants Kyoko to hate him even more so that she will think only of him.

But, Sho, however, admits to his self that even Kyoko has changed from the childhood friend he used to know, who is only dedicated to him, Kyoko still remained the ability to stroke his tension and make him feel at ease, has not changed.[12]

When Kyoko witnesses her mother denying her existence on national television, Sho becomes worried about Kyoko and meets her outside Darumaya. Once there he tries to comfort Kyoko and tells her that she can cry in front of him if she wants. However, when he gets no response from Kyoko he forcible kisses her to elicit at least some violent response from her, instead of her simply being numb.

Kyoko's feelings for ShoEdit

Before Kyoko finally discovered the truth about how Sho was using her for house-maid work, Kyoko was madly in-love with Sho and thought highly of him. She put him first in everything, including herself.

Kyoko had already seen Sho with other girls, and sees them being a romantically affectionate, she was feeling jealous but she could not show the emotion openly, which is the primary reason why Kyoko, acting as Setsuka becomes torn if she should show that she is jealous while acting with Ren (acting as Cain).[13]

But after she finds out the truth, she vows to get revenge on him by being more popular than him on showbiz.

Even though Kyoko feels hatred for him, she still shows a little bit of concern for him, such as telling Sho about the possibility of Vie Ghoul being more successful than him[14] (even though she got scratched on her cheek after)[15], something Sho denies.

Later on, Kyoko expresses that she does not feel the same level of hatred for Sho the way she felt before, even acknowledging the day where she'll tolerate Sho's existence.[16] This could mean that the place he holds in her heart is diminishing. As the spot he held was her hatred for him, maybe something else is taking the space he used to hold.


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People who think they have a romantic relationshipEdit

Haruki is Sho's producer. Initially, along with Shoko, the two thought that Sho and Kyoko use to date each other before and has seen that the two have an "unbreakable bond". She even thought that the two were still "going out".

Reino had initially thought that Kyoko is Sho's girlfriend and therefore decided to steal her from him. But, when he was informed that in fact, they are not going out, he still decides to make Kyoko his no matter what because he knows that Kyoko is important to Sho. He even got in a fight with Sho when he started stalking Kyoko.

The rest of the Vie Ghoul members thought that Kyoko is also Sho's girlfriend.

After Sho has visited Kyoko in the Dark Moon shooting, Momose has already suspected that two have a romantic relationship. She then asks Kyoko directly, "Are you and Fuwa-san dating?" which Kyoko shrugs off that she and Sho are only childhood friends. When Momose saw Sho and Kyoko kissing, she was shown blushing and believes the two are passionately kissing. She commented that it was her first time seeing a kiss like that and their kiss was "amazing".[17]

Aira saw Sho and Kyoko kissing and was also shown blushing like Momose. She said that even in acting school, there was never a kiss that long like Sho and Kyoko's kiss.[17]

People who think Kyoko is a fan of ShoEdit

Sawara thought that Kyoko was a major fan of Sho ever since the LME Auditions. Like Matsumisha, Nakazawa and Kanae, he thought that Kyoko was only trying to get into showbiz because she wants to get close to Sho. When he got an offer from Sho's company for Kyoko to be on the Prisoner PV, he told Kyoko that she must be happy appearing on Sho's PV, but turns out, she is rather very unhappy about it and let her grudges surround her dark aura.

When they heard Kyoko's determination to get into showbiz is because of Sho Fuwa, they immediately thought that Kyoko had no chance in passing the auditions and is only wasting their times.

Kanae heard Kyoko say Sho's name during the auditons at LME which led her to believe that Kyoko was a fan of him and only trying her luck on showbiz so she could be closer to him. Then, she saw her making Sho Fuwa dolls which crept Kanae out and thought she was a more massive fan of Sho. But, Kanae's assumption ended when Kyoko explained how Sho and her are childhood friends and how he used her to do house maid works.

When she saw how Kyoko reacted while watching Sho's commercial, she mistakes it for being too overwhelemed on Sho's handsome-ness.[18] She even made Sho and Kyoko hold hands, still thinking that Kyoko was a massive fan of his.[19][20]


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