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Love Interests

Kyoko Mogami

Shoko Aki

Ren Tsuruga

Love InterestsEdit

Kyoko Mogami

Main article: Sho and Kyoko's Relationship / Kyoko Mogami

It is also revealed that he has more feelings for her than he originally thought, proved when he personally brought some medical cream for the cut in Kyoko's face (which is caused by him, after slapping her), and apologized sincerely.

Most notably during the Dark Moon shoot at Karuizawa, when Reino announced in front of Sho, that he plans to steal her away from him.

Reino is the leader of the band named Vie Ghoul and had stolen one of Sho's music sheets/songs previously planning to use it for their own success. When Reino chased Kyoko through the forest, Sho followed pursuit and was the one who protected Kyoko even calling Kyoko "his woman". However this moment was not witnessed by Kyoko.

Shoko Aki

Love Interest may not be right category but there is definitely something more to Sho and Shoko's relationship than simply manager and artist.

Shoko is Sho's manager from Akatoki Agency. She is present in the very first chapter 'And the Box Was Opened'. In this chapter it is implied during the conversation between her and Sho that their relationship is not entirely professional. Shoko mentions that Sho has practically moved in to her place, which is certainly not usual. That she is being forced to take care of him as Sho says it is her 'duty as his manager'. This conversation takes place while Sho is straddling the seated Shoko. Sho confesses that he likes women like Shoko, implying he prefers older and well-endowed women (it is revealed in Suddenly, a Love Story Arc that Shoko has a 'dynamite body'). There are other hints through out the manga that imply Shoko and Sho's relationship is more than professional. During the Suddenly, a Love Story Arc Shoko says to Sho that she went to drag him out of bed but he wasn't there suggesting they are in the same or adjoining rooms or they have keys to each others. Any of these is certainly not the norm. There is an assistant present whilst Shoko says this to Sho, who admits that he was working on the new song, and even the assistant thinks that the statement is 'suggestive'.

In the Psychedelic Caution Arc both Shoko and Sho are in the same apartment, presumably Shoko's. Kyoko is being featured as part of Dark Moon's wrap up. Kyoko having transformed into a mature beauty as well as being on air with Tsuruga Ren is a 'taboo combo' according to Shoko so in desparation she distracts Sho. Pushing him back into the shower saying he still hasn't gotten Miyuki-chan's scent off (a white tiger who appeared in his latest PV). Apparently she's undressing Sho who is protesting, having just showered and is surprised since Shoko initially refused to join him in the shower. This happens out of frame but does imply a certain level of intimacy to their relationship.


Ren Tsuruga

Main article: Ren Tsuruga

Sho has always considered Ren his rival in showbiz, though they are in different fields. (Sho Fuwa is a singer, Ren an actor.) He once kicked an ash tray and its contents into the path of Ren who was passing by. Ren coolly righted the ash tray, then instructed Sho to pick up the trash, and walked off.

Ren got mad at Kyoko once after he found out that she took on a role in one of Sho's music videos and didn't tell him. Ren also gets angry whenever he found out Kyoko is in contact with Sho. They both seem to be fighting for Kyoko's attention, however, Kyoko doesn't realize that they are battling in secret. In volume 25, Sho kissed Kyoko in front of everyone including Ren. Sho thought this will make him a winner. After Sho had left the set, Ren fortunately returned Kyoko back to normal from the shock, but he told her there is no second chance. This made Kyoko more careful, fearing of his anger and cruelty.

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