Sho's driver
Sho's driver
Sho's driver
Kanji Unknown
Rōmaji Unknown
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Driver/Bodyguard
Manga ACT.189

Sho's driver is a male who is always seen to be Sho Fuwa's companion when he is travelling off alone without Shoko Aki, his manager. His name is unknown but he has shown genuine admiration for Sho.


At first, he appears to be rather silent and just obedient to Sho's orders. But, after coming across Sebastian who pretended to be Sho's stalker, he is revealed to be rather overly dedicated to Sho and respects him with all his might as he even said that he is ready to follow Sho all his life.


He always appear to wear a black jacket along with black pants. His hair is swept back and his eyes were never shown as it is covered with black sunglasses.


Nothing much is known about his background.


Dark Breath arcEdit

Sho goes near the dark-colored car with Kyoko (who was disguised with her hoodie) so his driver stood up and opened the door for them.[1] Afterwards, Sho's driver drives the car in the front seat while Kyoko and Sho have a conversation in the back seat.[2] Sho and Kyoko continues to argue with each other but the driver remains his calm. Not long after, Kyoko asks the driver to stop by a restaurant called "HokuHoku Restaurant".[3] Kyoko tells him the
Shos car

The car that Sho's driver drives

directions whilst the driver follows her orders obediently.[4]

Afterwards, the driver drived to the TBM Studios.[5] The driver remained in the car whilst Sho and Kyoko got out and went to their appointments.[6]

Saena's arcEdit

The driver was seen once again when Sho visited Kyoko on Darumaya regarding Saena and his parents.[7]

Again, he was with Sho whilst looking for Kyoko who has asked him to go away.[8] Both him and Sho were shocked when a disguised Sebastian came out of nowwhere behind their backs.[9] Sebastian pretends to be a fanatic of Sho, saying a lot of facts about him which creeped Sho and the driver out.[10] The driver then says for Sho to get away and grabs him. He calls Sebastian a really dangerous pervert.[11]

Sho says he could not possibly believe Sebastian to be a fan and thought that he would've been an anti-fan. The driver says he does not believe so and says that Sho is handsome, cool with amazing musical abilities. The driver also says that he is willing to devote his life to Sho and will follow him all his life. Sho replies that he disgusts him.

Then, Sebastian carries Sho and tried to measure his weight. Quickly after that, Sho and his driver drove away to get away from him.[12]


Sho FuwaEdit

He was rather quiet and follows Sho's orders without any arguments or anything but he was revealed to be a super fan of him. He praises Sho for his 'coolness' and 'cool image'. He even said that he will protect Sho from anything and will follow him all his life. Sho, on the other hand, was surprised to know about his driver's sudden extreme dedication for him and finds it "disgusting" as he did not expect it at all.

Kyoko MogamiEdit

Kyoko gave him some orders where to go to and he followed obediently without any restraints. While Kyoko and Sho were arguing, he managed to remain a calm composure and drive around as if Kyoko and Sho were not there.


When he and Sho saw Sebastian, he was surprised to see him to know a lot of things about Sho and concluded that he is indeed a superfan of Sho or a stalker. Sho does not think so but the driver insists that is hard to not like Sho for his cool image so he can't blame Sebastian for being a fan even though he is a guy.


  • (to Sho Fuwa) In fact, someone like me feels I'd always be willing to devote my life to Sho. I'll keep following you everywhere all my life.


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