[[Cain as shizuma|250px]]
Gender Male
Age mid-twenties to thirties
Occupation Wandering Samurai/Ronin
Portrayed by Hiromune Koga

Shizuma is a character and the protagonist of historical drama A Lotus in the Mud.

Creation Edit

The process that Koga went through to prepare for the role of Shizuma is unknown at the time.

Characterization Edit

Storyline Edit

Momiji is a female ninja and follows the wandering samurai, Shizuma, around to protect him. Those of Momiji's lineage have served Shizuma's family for generations, and because of the blood connection, Shizuma has always thought of her as nothing more than a little sister[1]. But Momiji sees him to be more than that.

Chidori was saved by him and thus falls in love with him and starts to follow him everywhere. Chidori comes from a family of high social status due to this she is often protected by Shizuma from time to time, he seems to dote on her through both his speech and actions[2].

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Garbed in a traditional kimono of a samarai and carrying a katana.

References Edit

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