Ring Doh
Status Unknown
Director Seiji Shingai
Live-action Name San Di A Fan Cha
Starring Ren Tsuruga
Ruriko Matsunai

Ring-Doh is a film directed by Seiji Shingai. It casts LME Talents, Ren Tsuruga and Ruriko Matsunai. This movie project also happens to be Ruriko's acting debut, as she is originally a singer.



The two lead stars are from LME were handpicked by the director to be in the movie.

Production and Location Edit

The production of Ring-Doh was unique in that it's sole purpose for being created/filmed was to cure Ruriko of the arrogance that she had developed thus with it her habit of quitting/wandering off if things didn't go her way[1]. Nakazawa, head of the singing section (Ruriko's superior as she's a singing idol), must have come to Lory with his concern's regarding Ruriko's behavior[1]. The President of LME cooked up a scheme to teach Ruriko a lesson, and made certain she would be enticed into doing the job by making use of her 'favorite thing'[1].

We find out that Ruriko's 'favorite thing' is Ren Tsuruga[2] and the only reason she agreed to participate in the movie was because Ren wanted it to be her no matter what. She makes it sound like she is only participating in order to help Ren save face and spare him his pride because he is a very popular man in showbiz[3].

Lory recruits almost all the key people on the Ring-Doh set in order to put the 'Teach Ruriko a Lesson' plan into play. Ren, Director Shingai, Ruriko's own manager are among the ones identified as 'Takarada accomplices'[4]. The Director thinks that 'all of us are Takarada accomplices' so this implies there are possibly more (or even all) of the Ring-Doh crew that weren't named[4].

Ring-Doh Location Shoot Edit

Ring-Doh has an outdoor shoot at a very traditional, double-storey Japanese-styled house which does not seemed lived in for Ruriko takes note of how run-down it looks even more so inside than out[5]. She worries that there might be unknown living things inside[5]. The shooting takes place both inside the building and outside.

The location is a decent drive from Tokyo for it looks like countryside from the hilltop and takes at least an hours drive to go back and forth by car[6]. The Residence itself is also quite spread out[6].

Plot Edit

It is hard to distinguish what the actual plot of Ring-Doh is for the arc focuses more on Kyoko and Ruriko's conflict than the movie. However we know that Choko is from a rich traditional family for Ruriko was asked to portray her as such by the Director[7]. Both Choko and her mother were both wearing beautiful, no doubt, expensive kimonos and again traditional clothing[8]. The name of the play seems to come from the mysterious sound the wind makes in a cape near the sea, a sound like the tolling of bells (ring-doh). This cape is near Choko's house. Ren's lines reveal some insights into the plot for he tells Choko that he went there that morning and it's true the wind does toll like bells[9]. He asks if she has ever been which she says she hasn't[9]. With a sharp expression Ren inquires if there is a particular reason for that[9]. Choko informs him that since she was young, she had been warned not to get too close to the cape[10]. Ren asks if she is afraid of being enticed by the bell rings[10]. Standing up, Ren continues saying looking at the way she is now, does she already know the reasons surrounding the sea cape...[10]

It seems it may be a drama/mystery story with intrigue surrounding this cape and what goes on there especially since Choko has been warned not to approach it for many years. Perhaps even supernatural phenomenon. It's hard to say with only one scene of the movie.

Scenes Edit

We see two scenes of Ring-Doh being filmed.

Scene 1 - Choko greets Midori Onee-san Edit

The first is Choko greeting both her mother and Midori Onee-san. Ruriko has particular trouble with how to walk properly in a kimono like a rich young lady would[11]. Kyoko accomplishes it with ease due to her training at the Fuwa Inn which made her used to such things[12].

Scene 2 - Tea Ceremony Edit

The next scene is a traditional tea ceremony (nodate) shot outside on a raised tatami mat. Choko is performing a tea ceremony for their guest, Ren, while discussing the secrets surrounding the cape and the wind that tolls like bells[9][10]. Ruriko thinks she will win this round for she believes she has the advantage having previously studied the art of tea ceremony and also Kyoko has injured her foot and the scene requires her to kneel[13][14]. Kyoko shows that she is superior at the tea ceremony and impresses even Ren with her perseverance and guts forging on despite her severely injured foot, unfortunately she faints before completing the scene[15].

Behind the Scenes Edit

Kyoko Mogami also played the role Choko, but only as a trial role. The director never intended her to be in the movie as it would lead to some conflicts with LME[16]. To thank her for all her efforts, the director then allowed her to partake in a photo shoot[17].

Ruriko is reminded by Kyoko's dedication of her own when she first debuted as a singer. She was barely known so she wanted her first album to be absolutely perfect, even persevering through a fever to make sure it was done to her satisfaction. But back then it wasn't a chore, she did it because she loved it, loved singing, loved her fans. Ruriko wonders when she lost that. Determined she asks for another take, the Director tells her that's what he has been waiting for. And so thanks to Kyoko, Lory and his accomplices' plan was a success[18].

Reception Edit

It has been at least a year since Ring-Doh was filmed so it most likely has been released to the public. As Kyoko was not a star in it we will not likely hear the public response regarding the movie.


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