This article is about the doll Kyoko made, not to be confused with the actual person.

Ren Tsuruga doll is a doll made by Kyoko Mogami, it's based from the real person, Ren Tsuruga. Kyoko uses the Ren Tsuruga doll to scold herself when she thinks she did something wrong, because usually, Ren is the person who always scolds her on her mistakes.

Super-size versionEdit

Super real Ren Tsuruga Super Size doll

Super-size Ren Tsuruga doll was Kyoko's present for Maria on her 8th birthday.[1]

The doll's height is 95cm, which is half of Ren's actual height. The doll also has accurate measurements and even have two bonus masks.


  1. Skip Beat! Manga Series: Christmas Special

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