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Kyoko Mogami

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Ren's relationship with Kyoko is quite complicated. The two met when they were little, in Kyoto, when Ren was 10 and Kyoko was 6 years old. Kyoko also inspired Ren's ideal of a Japanese woman while being together with him for a few days in Kyoto. At the time they met, Kyoko was trying to find a place to cry alone so she would not be bothered by Sho, and while finding a place to cry, she found Kuon (Mispronounced as "Corn" by Kyoko) where she befriended him.

10 years later, Ren meets Kyoko again when she was trying for an audition to get into LME. At first Ren didn't like Kyoko, because she explicitly told him she wanted to
Ren and Kyoko

Kyoko and Ren.

enter the show business 'to get revenge', but later on, he comes to admire her determination and his respect for her grew. Soon this respect blossoms into love, although Ren keeps this a secret. There are also times where Ren meets Kyoko when she is disguised in a chicken suit, Bo. Under such circumstances, he confide with the chicken about his acting problems.

On one of the occasions, he confided about his growing, yet conflicted, love for Kyoko. Completely oblivious to this fact, Kyoko (in the chicken suit) encourages him and still advises him to go for the relationship. As for Kyoko's feelings, she greatly admires Ren and wants to become an actress whom he can respect one day. She has made little dolls of Ren with startlingly precise accuracy and uses them to scold herself. This distresses Ren a little because he thinks that is the impression she has of him. For her 17th birthday he surprises her by giving her a huge rose (Queen Rosa) with a real crystal inside the rose – which Kyoko didn't discover until later. In order to prevent Kyoko from returning the gift, he made up a story that mystifies the crystal. This made Kyoko believes that it brings out her character as Natsu and insisted Ren to keep it when he was in trouble.

Ren consistently holds back his affection because he knows that Kyoko has rejected the entire notion of love and she might reject him (both their senpai-kouhai relationship as well as their friendship) if she knew about it. He also holds back because he believes he doesn't deserve love and wants to keep her at arm's length to protect her from him. However, there are times where he briefly loses self-control and his affection leaks out, but he is able to regain that control fairly quickly. One such incident was when he and Kyoko were rehearsing for Dark Moon at his place. Kyoko was reaching for something on a high shelf and was about to lose her balance when he came in just in time to catch her and cushion the fall. Instead of letting her go, he held onto her even more tightly, leaving Kyoko very much bewildered by his actions. However, he managed to recover quickly and put on his 'Emperor of the Night' act to cover up.

He is also very protective over Kyoko and worries about her. In the Valentine's Arc, Kyoko was kissed by Sho Fuwa that makes Ren jealous. After Kyoko calms down a little (Ren tried to convince her that it should not be considered as her first kiss), Kyoko asks for some of his time because she wants to give him something. At the dressing room, Kyoko gave him red wine jelly, a slippery and easy-to-eat dessert. The jelly serve in a crystal glass decorated with roses on vines that Kyoko bought which resembles the Queen Rosa. Ren resisted a little, believing that it is Kyoko's special treatment (he was the only one not to receive chocolates from Kyoko and she was excited and concerned about how Ren would receive her gift).

But in the end, Kyoko made an ugly face because she suddenly remembered something that reminded her of Sho's kiss. This made Ren consider a plan of action to try to stop the indecision of Kyoko by doing the same thing as Fuwa did because he saw that every little thing is making her think of Sho. He wanted to repaint her memory because as long as she was obsessed with Sho, he thinks that Kyoko will never think of him. He thanked her but eventually just kissed her cheek; however, that was enough to make her lose concentration during the shooting and she was deeply affected. He explained his way out later on, telling Kyoko that it is a way of thanking her, something that he picked up after working with foreigners. At first she called him a playboy for that but somehow it calms her mind and she returns to the normal Kyoko. But in the corner of Ren's heart, he wished that a little bit of what happened would linger in Kyoko's heart.


Sho Fuwa

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Sho has always considered Ren his rival in showbiz, though they are in different fields. (Sho Fuwa is a singer, Ren an actor.) He once kicked an ash tray and its contents into the path of Ren who was passing by. Ren coolly righted the ash tray, then instructed Sho to pick up the trash, and walked off.

Ren got mad at Kyoko once after he found out that she took on a role in one of Sho's music videos and didn't tell him. Ren also gets angry whenever he found out Kyoko is in contact with Sho. They both seem to be fighting for Kyoko's attention, however, Kyoko doesn't realize that they are battling in secret. In volume 25, Sho kissed Kyoko in front of everyone including Ren. Sho thought this will make him a winner. After Sho had left the set, Ren fortunately returned Kyoko back to normal from the shock, but he told her there is no second chance. This made Kyoko more careful, fearing of his anger.


Kuu Hizuri

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Ren's relationship with his parents is quite difficult. He really loves his family and respects his father a lot. However, it was hard on him as his parents' fame caused people to dismiss his own acting ability. He went to Japan and took on the stage name of "Ren Tsuruga" to get out from under his father's shadow. The lack of communication from his parents made him believe that his parents had given up on him. But during Kuu's visit, Ren came to understand their silence and sent a video message for them.

Juliena Hizuri

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Juliena is Ren's mother. When Ren was young, she used to feed all her hand-made food to him which Ren implies to be not as good. She wasn't there when Ren ran away from their home to go to Japan so she wasn't able to say a proper goodbye to her son and was instead forced to be silent, to not meet him so Ren could work in peace in Japan with his new stage name. That was the reason she nicknamed Lory a "kidnapper". She also stopped talking to Kuu for quite a while because she wasn't aware of their plan with Ren. When Kuu visited Japan, a more mature Ren came to understand their silence and sent a video message to them. He knows his parents misses him a lot and at the end of his message, he promises to come back again one day with his own power and call them "mother" and "father" like he used to.


Lory Takarada

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In a way, Lory is also the guardian of Ren in Japan. He is probably the only person in the whole of Japan who know of Ren's true identity as Kuon. He was the one who helped Kuon get away from America and start living as Tsuruga Ren, because Kuon's father, Kuu Hizuri turned to him for help.

He knows Ren's affections for Kyoko and believes that Kyoko is Ren's "good luck charm" for when he gets into trouble or is feeling down.