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Ren Tsuruga
Manga - Anime
Ren Tsuruga while acting with Kyoko
Kanji 敦賀 蓮
Rōmaji Tsuruga Ren
Real Name 久遠 ヒズリ Hizuri Kuon[1]
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 20
Birthday February 10th[1]
Status Alive
Occupation Actor[1]
Manga ACT.001
Anime And the Box Was Opened
Game PS2 Game
Drama CD Voice Actor Ken Narita
Seiyū Katsuyuki Konishi
Live Action Actor Choi Siwon

 Ren Tsuruga is one of the main protagonists and an actor working for the entertainment company LME. He is also Japan's most desirable man.[2]


Ren is very strong willed, a bit childish and short tempered (something only Kyoko and Yashiro seem to notice). He is also a people pleaser, and often hides his feelings with his "gentleman's smile" which works most of the time (except for Kyoko and Yashiro who are able to see through his smile).

Regarding Kyoko, Ren becomes increasingly possessive and dependent on her, fighting an invisible battle of will with Sho to take over the centre stage in Kyoko's mind. He is seen as childish due to him kissing Kyoko's cheek[3]because he was angry that she was only thinking of Sho, and became happy when he saw that her thoughts transferred from Sho to him after doing so. He also does not have a well-balanced diet, something that worries Kyoko deeply.

Ren takes a very serious attitude toward his work, and does not act seriously with nor respect anyone who does not take pride in their work. Hence, he disliked Kyoko at the start of the series, as her motives for joining showbiz were "impure", as Kyoko herself puts it. 

Also, he cares about his "gentleman" image, so he does not retaliate in incidents such as Sho knocking over an ash tray infront of him, nor asks for help when he doesn't understand his lines (as he is not a native Japanese).

He also has a split personality that he calls "dark Kuon", who appears frequently in the Cain Siblings arc. "Dark Kuon" controls his actions in a violent, disturbing, or dark manner, from which Kyoko is able to break him out of the trance with her voice or actions. LME head Lory Takarada is aware of this side of Ren and warns Kyoko of it, but his manager Yashiro knows nothing of this personality, though he suspects Ren had a past different to his current facade.


See more: Kuon Hizuri

The public knows nothing about his past and background whilst only his family and Lory Takarada know about his real background. Ren is revealed to be Corn, a 10-year old boy Kyoko met when she was six years old. 


Height 6"2 (190cm)[1][4]
Weight ---
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown

Ren has a muscular build and is tall, being 190cm. He has a light-skinned tone with dark brown and brown eyes. Ren's athletic reflexes are excellent, much like his father's. He is talented in martial arts and is light as sparrow. When he stands, he radiates an aura of dignity.

Ren's facial expressions changes at unusual times. For example, when he is angry, rather than showing a frustrated face, he radiates his smile more instead, making it shinier. He shows a blank expression when he is confused, rather than obviously showing it.[5]

To keep up with his "gentlemen" character, he wears simple, but elegant clothes like a white tuxedo or a coat with polo matched with simple pants. When he wears pants, a notable feature is his long-legs, which even top-models admire.


Ren kissing the blue stone Ren Tsuruga has it's own gallery page.


  • (to Kyoko) "Why are you making that face? You look like you discovered how the world really works."
  • (to Yashiro) "So?! I'm 20! I shouldn't get involved with a high school student! What's with that strange look?'! It'd be a crime! Please cut it out! I'm not open-minded enough to fall in love with a child!"
  • (talking to himself) "Hmm. I can't tell which chicken is better. Well, the expensive one must be better. Can't go wrong with that. I'LL TAKE THE HIGH-GRADE ONE."
  • (to Kyoko) "No way, no human being would summon someone late at night just for this."
  • (to Kyoko )"So I made a mistake. Why don't you believe me? You've got work, right? You should leave, too."



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