Ren's Walkthrough

Part 2.8

Part 2.9


The best choice is to say that she felt her chest shattered. She remembers the feeling of despair, and tears start to form in her eyes. She tries to stop herself from crying in front of Ren. Ren gently wipes the tears off her face. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't make you think about such things again." Kyoko assures him, "It's okay, it was just an imagination. But it was scary. To be hated by Tsuruga-san..."

Ren apologizes again, admitting that he acted willfully because he did not think that he is important to her. Kyoko replies that there is no way that Tsuruga-san's presence within her is less than anyone else's. Her heart started beating fast again. "I'm glad to hear that," says Ren. His calm voice has her staring into him even more. "Mogami-san..."

Kyoko blurts out, "I was so worried and worried, that my chest hurts so much, I felt like I was going crazy." "No, that's just a normal feeling." He gently strokes her hair. Kyoko tells Ren, it is strange. She no longer feels any pain, and she feels at ease. But her heart is beating so fast. Ren tells her, it is the same case with him too.

Kyoko is unconvinced. "Liar. Your face is the same as always. You don't show any expression." Ren says his face may be expressionless, but he really means it. Kyoko says that if that's so, he shouldn't always hold back like that, and he should show how he really feels.

Ren hesitates a bit. "Is it really okay?" Kyoko doesn't understand what he meant by that. "Yes?" Ren says he will stop holding back. Before she realizes it, Ren has already made his move.

Ren: I'm sorry for making you scared. I won't hate you. I'll never do that. Kyoko: ...Really? You wouldn't refuse to see me, or refuse to work with me again? Ren: I'll never say it, or think it. Mogami-san, you shouldn't think it too. Kyoko: Is it really okay? I must be conceited, saying such things to you. Ren: Conceited it is, then. Mogami-san is dense, after all. Kyoko: I'm dense, huh? Ren: Yeah. Kyoko: Tsuruga-san feels so warm. Ren: Mogami-san, I can feel your heartbeat. It's beating fast. Kyoko: But Tsuruga-san, your heart is beating as fast too. Let me hear it properly. Ren: Um.

Being held gently, she can smell his fragrance. Somewhere, their hearts started beating normally again. They have reconciled, and she knows that everything is okay now. It feels great. She's so happy, she could cry.

After a while, she leaves his arms, but is still feeling dazed. Ren offers her another cup of coffee, which she accepts.

Ren says, regardless of the outcome of this job, whether the director approves of her performance or otherwise, she should still view this as a great learning experience. Kyoko agrees with him completely

Ren knows that Kyoko always gets more fired up the more difficult the task is, and she won't give up until the very end. He can see the light shining in her eyes again. He assures her, with eyes like that, she will do just fine. She feels really glad to be encouraged by him.

Kyoko says it's time for her to return. Ren insists on seeing her back to her room. Outside her room, she thanks him again. He is overly concerned for her as usual. Kyoko protests she knows how to take care of herself, she's an adult now. "Is that so?" Ren takes this opportunity to entice her. Her heart beats very fast, but she didn't take the bait, of course.

After Kyoko parted with him, the loneliness starts to creep in again. She feels like wanting to see him. This kind of feeling is dangerous. She couldn't stop thinking about him. She tells herself, this is probably just the lingering feelings of Shiori and REN.

She goes to bed, but even so, her heartbeat continues to be fast. She feels really happy to be forgiven by him. The gentle sound of the waves soothes her to sleep again. It will be the last day of the shoot tomorrow.