Ren's Walkthrough

Part 2.7

Part 2.8

Part 2.9

After what seemed like hours, when Kyoko cried her fill, she decides to get up, and leaves her room.

She feels she has to apologize to him again, properly. Even if he is not going to listen. She gathers her will, then proceeds to Ren's room. Halfway there, she catches sight of Yashiro and Ren talking.

Yashiro: You and Kyoko-chan are really going around in circles. Ren: Please don't trouble yourself for any of this. Yashiro: Like I told you, you misunderstood! There is no way that Kyoko-chan could say those things to you out of a whimsical mood!


Yashiro: First off, when I told Kyoko-chan that you can make any girls fall head-over-heels with a simple kiss, she hated the idea! Ren: So she hated it... Yashiro: On the contrary, it's not you that she hates. What she hates is the idea you can end a flash relation as quickly as it started. Ren: So, Mogami-san is... Yashiro: That's right. As I said, it isn't what you think it is. Ren: I have not said anything on what I had been thinking so far. Yashiro: Again, as I have said... Ren: Mogami-san? Yashiro: Ah, Kyoko-chan!

They both notice Kyoko. "Excuse me..." She wonders what to say.

Yashiro: Well, I've said all I needed to. Kyoko: Eh? Yashiro: The rest is all up to you now.

After saying this to Kyoko, Yashiro leaves them. Now it's just the 2 of them.

Kyoko is worried that Ren may not even want to see her face. "I'm sorry. You probably don't even want to see me right now. But I feel that I have to properly apologise one more time no matter what. Ren replies, "Okay then, come in. We shouldn't talk at the corridors." Is he letting me in? She complies immediately.

Inside, Ren offers her a seat. He asks if she wants some coffee, and she accepts. The aroma of the coffee somewhat calms her nervous self. It is a wierd feeling, yesterday, she was here to receive help for her acting, yet right now, it feels like she is on the death row. Ren hands her the cup.

He sits down too. They both stay silent, with nothing to say. This situation was like the meal earlier, but unlike that moment, there is no hostility now. Finally, Ren spoke. "About what Yashiro said earlier. Is it true?" (He is referring to the flash relation part, the Kaze ni koi.) A 3-way option at this point.

If Kyoko stays silent, she becomes so embarrassed that she hides her face. So Ren takes her silence for admitting it. ^_^

If Kyoko admits it, she immediately becomes embarrassed, so she covers her face. "I see..." There seems to be no anger in his voice, so she peeks at his face to confirm it, resulting in her heart jumping.

Anyway, Ren sincerely apologises for being angry with her. The unexpected apology from him made her heart tighten. Is he forgiving me? But why is he apologising?

Kyoko: You're not angry anymore? Ren: Of course I'm not angry anymore. It was immature of me. Kyoko: No! It was my fault to begin with! Ren: Mogami-san, how about you? Are you angry with me? Kyoko: I could not be angry. I was... afraid. Just afraid. Ren: I see. It was too much of me... Kyoko: No, that's not true. Tsuruga-san is not such a flippant person after all. I was feeling uneasy the whole time. Ren: Unease? Is it about tomorrow's act? Kyoko: No, it's not that. All this while, I was just thinking about Tsuruga-san. I probably failed as a professional. Kyoko: This whole time, the importance of tomorrow's shoot could not compare to Tsuruga-san getting angry. Kyoko: You'll probably dislike me even more now... Ren: ...Mogami-san, I'm really sorry for making you so frightened.

Ren says he understands how she must be feeling. It's his fault this happened. Kyuko says, "It's my fault. To ask for a kiss simply for the sake of making my acting better... it's just..." Ren answers, that was not the reason why he was angry. Kyoko is confused. It's not about the kiss? Could it be because he thinks that I am special?

Ren asks her. "Mogami-san, do you feel the same way too?" Ren asks this with such seriousness, that when she looks into his eyes, her heart pounds furiously.

Kyoko: Feel the same way? As in, you are different from other people to me? Ren: Is that not how you felt?

Kyoko knows that is true. He is unlike anyone else.

"Tsuruga-san is unique. There is no one else in this world like you." Ren smiles at her. "I feel the same way about you too. You are special to me. That's why it hurt me when you said those words."

After hearing his words, Kyoko fully understands now. It wasn't that he was angry, it was that he was hurt. "I'm sorry." Ren says Kyoko shouldn't apologize anymore, he's no longer angry.

Ren says they should prepare for tomorrow's shoot. Upon hearing his words, she gets a shock. She had completely forgotten about something else that is important. Judging from her reaction, Ren realizes that she had been too caught up up worrying over him.

Ren says in any case, it is great that she had came over. Kyoko says she still doesn't have the right mood for it. She says she has to really put all her effort into this one. Ren says it's just like her.

Kyoko thinks back and recalls the feelings that she had felt. The pain and suffering she felt when she realizes she could be losing him. And the jealousy she felt when she saw the fans intimate with Ren.

But those feelings aren't enough, so she's right back where she started, having to rely on his help again. She finds herself looking at his face again.

Ren: What is it? Kyoko: I just wanted to thank you. Ren: Eh? I didn't really do anything. Kyoko: No, I have been thinking a lot, and I am starting to really understand how Shiori is feeling now.

Ren asks her, what kind of feelings did she feel. A 3 way option at this point. This is the last of the choices.