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Part 2.4

If Kyoko decides to confide in Ren, she suddenly goes into deep thought again, and Ren had to pat her shoulder to get a response. She asks, how would Ren react in such a love scene. The moment she said that, she became embarassed, and she asks him to forget what she said. Ren says, he treats acting very seriously, especially towards Kyoko. Kyoko feels very helpless for being unable to react to Ren's acting. She is about to cry. Ren talks to her again, she says some dust got in her eyes.

He says she isn't defeated yet. Kyoko says she still didn't go far as an actress. He also tells her not to cry. He tells her honestly that he fully understands those feelings of resentment and self-reproach, of not being able to do well, even after you have taken it so seriously. Kyoko is surprised that Ren has such moments too. He seems so perfect. Then she remembers that there is one such moment, that time he was unable to act as Katsuki. And he had also mentioned this before, he was fired many times in the past.

Ren says, of course he doesn't face this problem now. But when he first started acting, he would get into all sorts of barriers. Anyone would face difficulty at the start. If they try to rush it, it would only get worse. It is only natural for her to feel this way. Ren also talks about his difficulty at that time as Katsuki. "But Tsuruga-san, you overcame it." "That's why you can do it too."

She is really thankful for his words, and his support. She feels her courage returning. She starts to think she might have looked like a fool just now. Will Tsuruga-san be this kind to me even if I am not his acting partner? Anyway, she gathers her spirits. She plans to return to the hotel, wash her face, then return with renewed spirit. She plans to do much better later.

At the set, the director ask if she is better now. She confirms, and sincerely asks to try again. The director comments the light in her eyes has returned. So Ren and Kyoko start again from the same position as they were. Kyoko gets herself in the right mind. She is not Kyoko Mogami now. She is some other girl. A girl from Tsuruga Ren's dreams. She must have him. On hearing the director's orders, Kyoko walks, with the wind blowing in her hair.

There is not a woman who could possibly not be fascinated by this man. But the moment she thinks of that, she starts to hurt. A man who charms all. She is just one person. A person in a large crowd. This phrase, she hates it. She starts to feel strange again, her own feelings coming in. She loses her spirit, and she becomes unable to act. The director has no choice but to restart.

After several takes, it still wasn't good. The director states this just wouldn't do. The other staff are saying they shouldn't continue like this. Kyoko stands up, and says she can still go on. The director and the staff have a little discussion, then he asks to speak to her alone. As she walks, she sees Ren's worried face, and her chest hurts again. She starts to worry about getting fired on the first day of the job.

The director tells her this will not do, and normally, he would just fire her. This line shocks her. But he hasn't given up on her yet, that's why he will give her one more day. Kyoko could sense some warmth in his voice. She thanks him profusely for giving her another chance. He warns her not to get too happy yet, she only gets one more chance. She still isn't too confident. He once again says, what he wants are the passions of love. But it is a complicated feeling that can even relate to hate itself. It has to be something that transcends to that man only. He points to her eyes. "Those are the eyes I want." She agrees to do it immediately. The director said her eyes are full of spirit, that's why he has confidence in her. Then he remarks she doesn't seem to have any reaction to love at all. He's hoping that one night can change it. He says not to disappoint him. With that, he tells everyone, the shoot is finished for today. They continue tomorrow. The staff starts packing.

Kyoko is still at a loss what to do. Eyes in love. She doesn't believe she can do that. The sound of her own heartbeat rings in her head. Ren comes over to check her. His voice seems far away. He asks her is she alright. She is sorry to have caused this many delays, but he says it's okay. They should remove their make-up and costumes now, so they head to the staff. Yashiro comes over and gives her some mineral water. He seems worried too. She tries to take it, but drops it. Yashiro quickly picks it up. He asks Kyoko is she really okay. She didn't have the strength to give a firm answer.

Kyoko notices some shouts. It seems that some of Tsuruga's fans have gathered around him, all shouting "Kyaa!". Yashiro comments that Ren has been discovered by the tourists. Ren is doing a lot of signing with a smile. Kyoko comments, he really is famous and popular. Yashiro says of course, he's Tsuruga Ren. The screaming of the fans is ceaseless. Kyoko watches Ren. It seems he is always this kind to everybody. Her chest feels strange, and she wonders if she is truly feeling envious of these girls. Is it because she hasn't pulled out of her role?

One of the fans hugs Ren's neck and takes a photo. On seeing that, Kyoko flares up. What is that fan doing to Tsuruga-san?! Yashiro points out her face becoming scary again. He asks her, "Don't tell me, you're jealous of these girls?" 3 way Options again.

The best option is to deny it calmly. Although her normal reaction is probably to deny it strongly. Anyway, if she denies it calmly, Yashiro asks her, maybe she hasn't completely pulled out of her role yet. Kyoko replies that she doesn't know. A lot of things had been going through her head. Yashiro says, either way, it's not a bad thing. This feeling she has can be put to good use in her act. Kyoko says it indeed is a feeling, that she doesn't want to let anyone else have him. She doesn't know this feeling herself. Everytime she sees him get close to someone else, it hurts. She wants to know, who does she mean to Tsuruga. That feeling, it probably is jealousy.

Anyway, regardless of what she did, she goes to the staff and gets changed.