Ren's Walkthrough

Part 1.3

Part 1.4

Part 1.5

Anyway, regardless of what she did. Ren continues walking, as if called by the wind. Kyoko dons her heels and follows. Night was to fall soon. They continue silently, and Kyoko feels for certain that he must still be angry from Sho's phone-call. Kyoko finally calls to him from behind. Another 3 way option at this point.

The best option is for her to say she wishes to continue to walk together. She says it too soft, it couldn't reach him. She holds on to the clam-shells, hoping for more courage. Then she finally shouts out to Ren, "Tsuruga-san! Is it okay if we walk together?!"

Ren turns back and goes to her. "I'm sorry, I was walking too fast. There were just some things on my mind. It was careless of me to leave you alone. I failed in my duty as a guard."

Kyoko says it's not his fault, it's that guy who always stirs up some things. He asks is she still feeling unhappy. She says there is no point getting angry over this.

Anyway, Ren smiles, extends out his hand, and asks to walk together.

Kyoko: Eh? Ren: I'm not going to leave you behind and go off on my own again. Kyoko: Ah... Ren: Am I causing trouble? Kyoko: No, not at all.

Kyoko continues to walk with Ren holding her hand.

Kyoko looks back at their footprints. They are now of the same pace. Kyoko comments she hopes to be as with him on her job one day. The situation was like her job. She says when she chases after him, she can't even be seen. And she says that at least now, she is closer to where he is. He looks at her, and she feels her heart racing again. He lets go of her hand and shows her something.

Anyway, regardless of what happened, Ren tells her about the Daruma Cape. It was somewhere at the edge of the sea, within sight. He tells her why is it called the Daruma Cape, from what he heard from Yashiro.

Kyoko is amazed. It was the same name as Darumaya. She remarks that she has a fate with Darumas. She tells Ren her story of how the Boss of Darumaya encouraged her to move onward, and how the spirit of the Daruma always getting back up gives her courage. She then talks about how she finally made it in LME and Love Me. She also talks about how Ren was very scary at that time.

Ren: Was I really that scary? Kyoko: Yes, I thought for sure you must hate me. Ren: I see. That's why you were always running away from me. Kyoko: .....Sorry. Ren: But it's different now. Kyoko: ...Yes, I know you don't hate me any more. Ren: That's good to hear. Kyoko: I... don't hate you either.

She feels embarrassed the moment she said that.

Anyway, he gives her the god smile again. :D

She almost forgets to breathe.

Kyoko stirs herself back. Her thinking had stopped again. Ren calls her, and she says it's nothing, and they should continue walking. She walks forward, thinking to herself that she has to stop looking at him. Ren calls out urgently to Kyoko to stop.

Kyoko is caught by the water, and she slips. She can feel herself falling down. "Kyaa!"

Ren breaks her fall. She desperately apologizes, and he asks he if she is hurt. He remarks this is a failed rescue attempt, since they are now both wet. She says that's not true. Anyway, she seems no less worried about him, than he about her.

She sneezes, and Ren says they should hurry up and return, before they catch a cold. He says not blame herself what happened, it was just an accident.

They walk towards the hotel. Ren tells her, if she wishes to go to the Daruma Cape, she should not be going in the morning alone. She gulps, that was exactly what she was thinking. He warns how little people there are in the morning, and how dangerous it can be. She says she understand, she's not that stupid. Ren looks at her with suspicious eyes. :P She asks would it be okay for him to accompany her if she wishes to go. He replies he would be happy to oblige.

She also talks about finding the crying sands. He says to her not to do anything dangerous again. Anyway, night falls by the time they returned to the hotel.