Ren's Walkthrough

Part 1.2

Part 1.3

Part 1.4

They went outside. It was sunset. Kyoko removed her heels to walk barefoot in the sand. Ren says to be careful.

Kyoko finds something in the sand. She gives Ren one of the clam-shells she finds. She wonders if he will refuse, but he accepts it. He asks is it okay if he takes it. Kyoko says she also has another of the same one.

It seems the clam-shells were a match. Ren comments that the clams were originally as one. Ren thanks her for finding something like that. He says for Kyoko to keep them. Kyoko is worried if Ren didn't want them after all, but he says that's not it. He says it will be such a pity to split them up.

Kyoko says she will find more shells. Ren thanks her, but says not to go all the way out. He says she'll probably treat it like a duty again. She couldn't deny it. He asks Kyoko if he can see the shells again in future, she says of course. He replies that will be all he needs.

Ren also tells her the clam-shells are lucky charms of love. He comments it will be helpful for the shoot. She says she's really happy.

They stared at each other for a while. Then Ren tells her there is some sand on her face. He says to her to close her eyes. She does so. She could hear the waves splash, and she could feel the gentle touch on her face.

Then, the phone rang. ">_<" Sigh..........

Ren says the ring was not from his phone. It was Kyoko's. She took out her phone and answered it. It was a familiar irritating voice. It was Sho. ">_<" Typical...

She wonders how he got her number, but figured must have been that time he took the phone. Ren asks her what is wrong. She says its nothing. She faces away from him to deal with the phone call. 3 options at this point.

The worst option would be to listen to what he has to say. Believe me, nothing good can come out of that one. >_<

A better option, she can choose to hang up on him immediately. But Ren will still get suspicious about the call. He shows that fake gentleman shiny smile, and asks her what was that all about. She panics, desperately explains to him. And he finally accepts it.

If Kyoko chooses to argue with Sho, she tells him not to call for no reason. Sho asks why is she picking a fight all of a sudden. She says a fight has long been decided between them. He asks why she feels that way. She says it's because of their past history. She says, "Do you want me to bury the phone in the sand?" "You're the one who will have a problem if you do that, no?"

He talks about her going "Sho-chan, Sho-chan" in the past. "STOP TALKING ABOUT THAT!! I'LL KILL YOU!!" She gets angry enough to want to fling the phone in the water, but calms herself. Ren calls her. She says she will be done soon.

Sho: Hey, is that Tsuruga Ren over there? Kyoko: Of course he is. We're working together on a job. Sho: Huh? Why did you refuse my job, but grab Tsuruga Ren's job instead!? Kyoko: It was fate. Sho: What do you mean fate? This is something you asked for, right? Kyoko: It was just an example, it's not like I take orders from you!

Ren takes the phone from Kyoko, and speaks to Sho himself. (Fake gentleman mode, of course.) Kyoko can still hear Sho's angry voice.

Ren: Sorry to have to disappoint you on the jobs. But this is the way things work in the Entertainment world. Sho: You must have said something bad to Kyoko! Ren: I did no such thing. This is the world of the Pros. This world will not be moved by personal feelings.

Kyoko thinks to herself, Ren is definitely angry. There is not a person whom Shotaro cannot piss off.

Sho demands to speak to Kyoko. Ren asks Kyoko if she wants to.  Kyoko says that it wouldn't be necessary, it will just lead to another unwanted fight. "I, see," he says.

Ren: Mogami-san is unable to come to the phone right now. We have come here for work. I will appreciate it if you do not do anything that will give her problems. Sho: What are you talking about?! Since when have I done something like that?! Ren: You're doing it right now. I am hanging up now. Sho: Hey! Wait--

Ren returns the phone with a smile. Kyoko apologizes, but Ren says the phone call was not her fault.

Ren sighs. He says he sometimes wonder if she actually likes to fight with him. She says that's not true. She can't suppress those feelings of resentment. He remarks that unsuppressable feelings were like love. But he says not to talk about him any more and to continue their walk.