Ren's Walkthrough

Part 1.1

Part 1.2

Part 1.3

Kyoko notices the air around Ren is different. She is amazed by his aura and style. He finishes this part easily, and moves to the next part.

Kyoko watches Ren intently, not just amazed, but literally mesmerized. Yashiro had to call her repeatedly to get a reaction out of her. Kyoko felt her mind stopping but heart racing. During his next scene, she tells herself to pay attention and observe carefully. But she simply gets mesmerized by Ren again.

Ren finishes the shoot, and Kyoko regained herself. She slaps herself and it surprised Ren and Yashiro. She says she's charging herself up. Yashiro teases her how intently she was watching the whole time. Kyoko is impressed to the point where she gets intimidated by the fact that she might not be able to match up. Yet she is still excited.

Ren comments that he is happy that Mogami-san is fired up. Kyoko reminds herself not to have the eyes unable to peel away feeling again. Yashiro is called away to confirm the schedule. Ren asks Kyoko if there was something wrong. 3 way option here.

If Kyoko admits that her thinking has stopped, they talked for quite a bit. He says she didn't have to worry so much, she is just inexperienced. He encourages her again.

Ren is called away again for the costume. Yashiro offers Kyoko some canned tea. He says to call him if she needs anything, since he's not just Ren's manager now. Yashiro says her part is the next day. They talked about her reaction earlier. Kyoko is feeling bad about being stunned by his act, but Yashiro assures her that's it's nothing to apologize about. He also adds that she isn't the only person to have that reaction when watching Ren, and it isn't anything special. Yashiro actually hits a raw nerve unintentionally with that "not anything special" quote. Kyoko starts to feel down again, thinking about her past experience. She feels she is nothing special.

The director came, and told her again her part is tomorrow. He gives her some motivation and advices her to relax. She seemed so stiff. If the heart is tense, the body will be tense too. Mind and body affect each other. Kyoko finds herself more relaxed now.

The director tells her to observer Ren carefully. "Fall in love with him." This sentence shocks her. He explains that her part is a character deeply in love with Ren, and has a burning passion for him. He says she must feel passion for him.

Basically, he wants to capture real emotions, and he wants Kyoko to have that kind of emotions. He also mentions something about the way she looks at him.

Another 3 way option here. (Quite frankly, I have no idea what the question is asking, and the answers don't even seem to relate to each other.)

If Kyoko chooses to stay on her ground, the director says she is interesting, but says that will only have the reverse effect. He also warns that he will remove anyone who can't do the job. He says there's hope for her yet, but her pressure increases.

Anyway, Ren comes along, and Kyoko panics. Yashiro was there the whole time, so he heard the director's advice. Kyoko is in a spot. She doesn't want Ren to know anything about what the director said about wanting her to feel for Ren. So, she gives Yashiro "The Stare". Yashiro is scared into submission.

Yashiro: Uhm, the director just gave some advice about the role, that's all. Right Kyoko? Kyoko: Right. Ren: So, I see. Yashiro: Yep. Kyoko: Yep Ren: What are you guys hiding!

Yashiro makes an excuse to get Ren away. Finally a breather. Yashiro tells Kyoko there is no use hiding this. The director is already speaking with Ren. Kyoko goes into panic mode again. Yashiro says she shouldn't get so down. After all, it doesn't seem to have that big an impact on Ren. She wonders if this was an everyday thing for him.

Kyoko is down, worried about getting into the right feel. Unlike a drama, a CM doesn't give as much time. Yashiro says everything will be fine. After all, Ren is a Co-Star Killer. Yashiro says Kyoko could easily hate Katsuki as Mio. So she could do something similar here.

Kyoko still isn't in the right mood. So Yashiro asks her, if she hates Ren. She answers there's no way she could hate him. He asks how she feels for Ren then. She says respect. Yashiro whispers to himself about not quite there yet. Yashiro asks Kyoko if there is someone that she like.

A 3 way option here. One of the options is an image of Shotaro flashes in her mind. BUT WHY THE FREAKING HELL WOULD ANYONE CHOOSE THAT KIND OF OPTION?!

If an image of Ren flashes before Kyoko, she asks herself why. Yashiro gets excited by her reaction and asks her again. She answers there isn't any. While looking away. Yashiro doesn't buy it of course.

But Yashiro himself agrees that falling in love, isn't something as simple as flicking a switch on. Yet, the director's request might as well be ordering her to fall in love, so it's a problem. Yashiro says, love doesn't work that way. It starts when it wants to start. Kyoko gets thoughts that won't stop flowing.

Anyway, Yashiro tells Kyoko something big. He says that a kiss from Ren can make anyone fall head over heels. Kyoko says, "W-w-w-why would you say that? It's sexual harassment! A crime!" "Why would you call it a crime? It's supposed to be consented, right?"

Noooooo! Consented? A kiss!! The pure thought of it makes her panic. Kyoko believes that a kiss from the Emperor of the night must be the world's most powerful and terrifying curse. A curse like that can knock one whole page of the script right out of your memory!

Yashiro says to forget what he said, it was nothing. Kyoko wonders it was possible to fall in love with Ren like that. "Are you aware that you are thinking out loud?" "Ugh..."

Yashiro asks what does Kyoko think of Ren again. Another 3 way option.

If Kyoko's answer is admiration, Yashiro will say it was so close. He says if there was just one more step... He comments that respect can change into love. Kyoko says she worships Ren. Yashiro asks, isn't that like a fan? Kyoko insists she's not a fan, she's a believer of Ren.

Yashiro asks if Kyoko likes Ren. She denies it flat out, and says that worship and love are not the same things. She scares Yashiro with her face.

Ren approaches and Kyoko gets a shock, wondering how much he has heard. Yashiro makes an excuse to get mineral water, than he escapes. Kyoko smiles and says "Oktsukaresama". "Ren smiles back and says, "You seem to be saying something interesting." Fake smiles of course.

Kyoko says she was just talking about work with Yashiro. Ren asks if they talked about him. She denies, but then admits it. Ren says they can talk about it slowly when they return to the hotel. Kyoko realizes that she can't escape.

Anyway, all 3 of them were gathered to discuss the job and director's request. Ren says, "We are not talking about really falling in love here, more like the role's acting skills, so it's definitely possible." "Hearing Tsuruga-san say that makes me feel better." Yashiro comments the director really gave a hurdle. Kyoko says this high hurdle is more like a space wall beyond the clouds. Yashiro says it's a good thing that it's Ren. Ren says he doesn't mind, but Yashiro should not give Kyoko too much pressure.

Kyoko thinks about the kiss, and stole a glance at Ren's lips. She starts to reminisce about that time they practiced as Katsuki, and how he showed the Emperor of the Night attitude. She stared too long. Ren: "Mogami-san, is there something with my face?" Kyoko: "Uh, it's nothing! Just thinking about the order of your eyes, nose and mouth from top to down. Ren: "Of course it's like that. It would be a problem if the order is reversed, no?" She LOLs.

Ren asks if she has any plans later. She doesn't have any work today. He asks her if she wants to walk by the beach. Kyoko asks if it is really okay. Ren says it's dangerous for a girl to go by herself. She is hesitant, but Yashiro insists it's a good idea. Then Kyoko agrees. She asks if Yashiro isn't coming, and he desperately makes up an excuse of having important schedules to sort out, then he says they should just enjoy themselves.

Outside, they meet the director, who asks where they are going. Ren answers they are going for the walk, and the director was pleased. He says he's expecting Ren to lead her along. He then leaves. Kyoko's heart sinks again.

They talk about a convenience store some distance away. Ren says if she needs to go there, she should call him without hesitation. Kyoko says she will call for room service if she is hungry, and she wouldn't go out alone. Ren insists she must do what she says. Yashiro comments this situation is the reverse of the usual. Usually it's Kyoko who insists Ren eats. Ren comments that he will always welcome Kyoko if she wishes to dine together. All this while, her heart was aching, whenever she sees Ren's smile. At the lobby, Yashiro leaves.