Ren's Walkthrough


Part 1.1

Part 1.2

Lory announced that Kyoko will be taking Ren's Job. From that moment, it was like a new door opening to her life. Kyoko gets all fired up for this job. Lory also tells her, regarding the Quiz, and accident had occured, so Moko won't be taking part either. The staff suffered some injuries.

Lory also says it was actually fortunate that they didn't take part in this. Kyoko knows it would have been very bad if they were hurt. It was a pity the preparation they prepared, but Moko won't have to go to something she hates. Lory tells her they set off tomorrow for the beach studio. He tells her to meet up with Ren, who is apparently waiting outside. Kyoko realized he was anxious to know the results too. Outside, Kyoko informs Ren that she has taken his job. He asks about the other jobs. Kyoko tells him of the Quiz accident, so it's not possible to take that one. Ren looks at her really up close, and asks her what she thought of this job. She offers some polite words on how he can guide her along etc.

Kyoko is really happy to be taking this job. Ren baits her with a few vague questions and ask her about her thoughts on working with him. He asks her if she is happy, and she says yes. He asks her what about the other jobs. She thinks about Shotaro, and gets angry again, and she says that Ren's job was her top choice. (One can tell he's baiting her to see how she thought of Sho's job.)

Ren says he's glad then. He was worried that it wasn't her best choice. She said that will never happen, and she will never refuse a job from Ren, and will treat it with utmost respect. She also adds that she likes Ren's appearence when he is working. Kyoko comments it is almost unbelievable that she is to work with him and R-Mandy brand. Ren informs her that the director is famous in Hollywood. She starts to think about not just being equal with Sho, but to defeat him. She also thinks about smiling from a red carpet in hollywood. Ren says this may not be a far-off dream. She says she will work hard.

Kyoko then gets a little worried. She looks at her own body. Not enough curves. =_= She starts wondering why she was selected. Ren asks if she is worried. She says she's happy, but is worried if she is up to it. Ren says the director considered many things. She then thinks about going on a diet. Ren says she shouldn't skip her meals since she needs her strength. It doesn't sound convincing coming from him of course. He says he is used to that, but she protested he can't do that.

Anyway, he says they are working together so he will be affected in some way too. Kyoko wonders why would the Director pick her. Ren replies she has aura. She asks him how did the director hear of her. He gets problems answering that one. (One can pretty much tell what he did here. :p ) A 3-way option here. If she asks him if she is not a good choice, he will assure her that is not the case. Anyway, she has no more jobs for the day, so he gives her a ride, and tells her the details. She thinks to herself, Tsuruga-san is really nice. In the car, Ren tells Kyoko more. He told her about the director, who was very reputable. He is also strict, and has strange habits. (He also comments that there doesn't seem to be an ordinary person in this line of work.)

Ren apologizes for scaring her, but she assures him, it's better to know what she's up against. Ren continues to describe the director. He has very high demands, but his works are renowned. Kyoko is determined to take the job. Ren advises her to take it as an experience, even if she doesn't make it. Of course if she makes it, it will be a great boost to her reputation. Instead of feeling nervous, she ends up feeling happy, working beside a great actor and under a great director. Kyoko asks Ren if she could explore the beach that they are going to, if they have free time, and he says there's no problem with that. She really hopes to see the night view of the sea. Following day, the boss and lady boss of sees her off.

The lady boss tells her not to flirt with men during travels. Kyoko assures her, that she is going there for work, and won't do something like that. They really worry too much. Kyoko sets off in high spirits, ready to meet her destiny, determined on doing her job well. At the beach, Kyoko enjoys the scene. Just being near the beach excites her. She gets too close to the water, and Ren and Yashiro calls her back. She hurries back, a little embarrassed about being so excited. The 3 of them start to talk about the place. Yashiro mentions something about the Crying Sands. Apparently, in areas where sands are cleaner, they make a sound when you step in them. Kyoko gets even more excited hearing that. Soon, the director shows up and greet them.

The director stares at Kyoko for a while, then comments how ordinary Kyoko is, and wonders if she is even the correct actress for Mio. Kyoko responds by giving him the stare. The director becomes impressed, and points out that those are the exact eyes he wanted. "You are the right person for this job." This raises her confidence. She says even though this is her first modelling job, she will do her very best. The director then informs her they will only be using her eyes for the CM, and she isn't too excited about the idea. Yashiro makes an excuse to leave first (registration, paperwork, etc). He informs Kyoko that he will be the manager to both of them for this job. A 3 way option here. If Kyoko suggests all 3 of them go together, Yashiro will strongly refuse. If Kyoko says okay then, Yashiro happily leaves. Regardless, Yashiro hurries of while the both of them stay behind. Ren helps Kyoko carry her stuff. Anyway, Kyoko is a bit upset that Ren didn't tell her this particular detail about the job. Ren continues to encourage her. Another 3 way option. If she asks him really, Ren assures her she will be just fine. Ren apologizes for keeping this from her. He made this expression which she thought was cute. She says she wasn't angry, just wished he didn't hide it. Anyway, at the hotel, Kyoko is really impressed with the room, and the great ocean view. She holds out Corn to the sunlight. There was a knock on the door, so she opens.

Ren tells her she should make sure she knows who it is first before opening. He notices Corn in her hand. Anyway, they were about to start filming Ren soon, so they asked her if she wants to come along. It was a great chance, so she didn't refuse. Outside, they talked a bit about the cafe. Kyoko says she would be happy to watch Ren's filming, and Yashiro harps on those words. "I heard her the first time, you don't have to repeat it." Yashiro asked Kyoko about the other jobs. Kyoko tells him about the accident for the Quiz, and it was cancelled. Yashiro said it was most fortunate she took this one. He then asks her about Sho's job. She gets trouble answering that one, so she just says the schedule made in unsuitable, and Ren's job was her top priority. Yashiro is excited about that comment.

Ren acts nonchalant, and says they should hurry. Yashiro tells Kyoko Ren is actually happy. But she already knows it, judging from how worried he seemed, waiting outside the Chairman's office. They started talking about the difficulties of this director, and this line of work itself. Ren is serious when talking about work. He says anyone who is afraid of getting hurt because of failure cannot do his job well. Yashiro agrees that a glass heart cannot survive in this industry. Ren adds that Kyoko will get fired up in difficult times. Yashiro agrees she has willpower, the kind strong enough to defeat Sawara.

Ren tells Kyoko, "I am really looking forward to seeing your acting skills." This makes Kyoko's heart race. It gives her courage. Yashiro says, "You really are a co-star killer. Any girl would be knocked senseless by that line." Kyoko's heart sinked by this comment. Ren: "How rude, I never intended for that." Yashiro: "I know you didn't. But those girls being swept away are a fact. I saw it with my own eyes many times." Ren: "Well, I've never noticed any of that."

Yashiro: "Of course you didn't. It's normal to you." Ren pointed out Kyoko is now a co-star. Kyoko says that is the case, but it wasn't the first time they met. She also added that she is immune to any killer beams.