This article is about Ren/Kuon's video message for his parents.


Thoughts before the Video Message

I might as well wither in death. I, who became unable to move about, without being able to choose to advance or go back, was taken away from the darkness by the president. I did not hesitate. I did as I was told by the president and carrying only a passport. I left home. I had no time to consider the feelings of the parents that I left behind. I was desperately, as a human and an actor, trying to get used to the new world. That would revive my “existence” to melt in as a “Japanese” and to work. At any rate, I was desperate and too fixed on trying to live as “Ren Tsuruga”. That before I realized it, 2 years have passed without contacting my parents…

Video Message

Ren Tsuruga in the manga

My dear mother, Julie. I heard that I have made you worry this whole time. If possible, I would like to, not a video like this, to meet you, embrace you and apologize. With all my heart – I want to apologize. But not for contacting you for five years but for misunderstanding you, and father. For noticing that for the first time only now; You patiently waited for me. Killing the impulse to see me, just intently, and entirely for my sake. And yet I misunderstood that, since there was no contact from you. I was disappointed, and had been abandoned by you, or so… I thought… For my own protection, I selfishly left home and I selfishly started acting another person. However, even though I’m like that… You both tucked me in and protected me. With all my heart I thank you…. For your deep love… Like I used to when I was a child, it seems all the things I have built up until now will break apart so… If I call you, I won’t be able to the way I used to yet, but I will certainly come back to you two with my own power. When that time comes, let me call you properly. Lastly, to my respectable father. Actually this time around, I will be playing the role of a coldblooded murderer. It's a role I would've never wanted to do and I was troubled but...To be honest, I decided that I wouldn't run away anymore... To hurt people, even if it's just acting wether I will be able to go through with that or not is a gamble, but I think that this is a trial from God. That I will have to go through, so I will give it my all and fight. Believing in my own possibilities...

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