Ren's Walkthrough

Part 1

Part 2


A shine of light in the distance catches her eye. Over the horizon, the sun has started its ascent. The glittering reflection spreads steadily across the surface of the water. The face of the red sun finally emerges from the horizon.

"Tsuruga-san, look! The shape of the sun and the reflection. It looks just like a daruma doll!"

"Yes, you're right. It's really great how everything fits so well today."

"Yes, we're really lucky. We managed to see this even though its our first time here."

"It's beautiful."

"Indeed! The pure red color makes it look like a daruma even more."

"Mogami-san's face is also surprisingly red."

"That's due to the morning sunlight shone on me. To prove it, Tsuruga-san's face is red too. Almost as if you're blushing."

"I am blushing."

"Is that so....?"

He says it with such a serious expression, now I'm blushing too!

"Mogami-san, aren't you blushing too?"

"I have already been embarrassed too much already, so many things..."

"Okay, hush now."

My lips became heavy. I feel my temperature rising, my heart beating faster. But above that, I feel myself melting away in this gentleness. Both my heart and my body. As if I am immersed in light. All my emotions were out in an instant. This wasn't just an ordinary dawn. My whole body feels warm. It feels like I'm melting into the sunrise. Yeah, it's probably the sunrise's fault.... Whatever....

Slowly, our lips part. Tsuruga-san's fingers gently caress my face, from my forehead to my cheeks. As if being pampered by his touch, my face leans closer.

Ren: The sun has risen completely. Kyoko: We managed to see the complete Daruma sunrise. It wasn't something we get to see everyday. Ren: But what about Corn's stone? Kyoko: Ah! I was like dreaming, I totally forgot! Kyoko: But it's fine.... I got to see this with Tsuruga-san, that's good enough for me. Ren: Thank you. This has been a good sign of things to come. The filming today is bound to be good. Kyoko: Really? Ren: It will be fine.

Once more, Tsuruga-san kissee me gently on my forehead. As Tsuruga-san's lips descends on my forehead, without realizing, I press my hands against him.

Ren: Is this supposed to be a cute way of stopping me? Kyoko: Eh? Ren: I wanted to kiss you more.

Panicking, I quickly withdraw my hands to my back.

Ren: That was hurtful, you know? Kyoko: I'm sorry, I'm just not used to this... Ren: That's okay. You'll get used to it soon.

Get used to...? I feel my face getting red again.

Ren: We've seen the whole sunrise. It's time we head back to the hotel. Kyoko: Okay.

Tsuruga-san and I walk back to the hotel together. As we walk our hands hold tightly together.

At the set.

Director: Cut! Okay, that's a wrap, Kyoko-chan. It was totally different from before. How did you do it.

That was what the director said to me. Did he just say it was okay? I take a glance back at Tsuruga-san. He nods at me happily. That means, my acting as Shiori is a success?

Director: It's settled, we'll be using this. We managed to capture those fiercely seductive eyes. To think that a single night can change so much.

Hearing the director so happy, I can hardly believe it. "Thank you very much!"

I did it! I am really happy to have done my job well. But more than that, I am really glad to have partnered with Tsuruga-san for this act all the way.

In the end, the slump that I was in is totally gone, and the filming went well. The filming ended without a hitch.

At the office.

Yashiro: The R-Mandy advertisement was just splendid! Everyone is asking about Kyoko-chan's eyes. Kyoko: Really?

Yashiro: Yes. Such seductive eyes. Known only as the Mysterious Woman, K. Such is the gossip floating around now. Kyoko: So only the initial K is used... Yashiro: In this fast moving industry, those guys will be out trying to find out the identity of K. It really makes me proud to have gone to the location filming with you guys. Kyoko: You're just saying that, Yashiro-san. Yashiro: I really mean it. Ren would agree with me too, right? Ren: Yes of course. And, what about my part? Yashiro: Eh? Of course it's great that Ren passed this one, as usual. But this time, Kyoko-chan was really great! Kyoko: No! Tsuruga-san was even better than before! Yashiro: You didn't have to say it with such force... Okay, I get it.

I felt embarrassed by that. Yashiro-san takes a glance at Tsuruga-san before turning around.

Yashiro: I have to submit a report to the President. Ren and Kyoko-chan, please go to the car first. Since you are both going to the TV station, Ren can give you a ride. Kyoko: Erm, would that be okay? Ren: It's fine. Yashiro: Bye now.

Yashiro-san leaves as soon as he says that.

Ren: How thoughtful of Yashiro-san... Kyoko: Indeed. It's only just going to another workplace.

We look at each other and smile.

Ren: Well then, let's go. Kyoko: Okay!

The credits roll.