Prisoner PV
Status Finished
Director Unknown
Producer Haruki Asami
Starring Sho Fuwa
Mimori Nanokura

The Prisoner PV is a promotional video based on Sho Fuwa's song with the same title. The video features Sho playing as a demon along with Mimori Nanokura, playing as his love interest and Kyoko, who is portraying the later antagonist of the promotional video.


There is a cold and cruel demon and two kind-hearted angels. One of the angels (Mimori) and the demon (Sho) fall in love at first sight. They know their different in standings yet, they could not stop their love for each other.[1] But this love quickly comes to and end because the other angel (Kyoko) believes that their love is life-threatening for her friend. So, she decided to kill the demon. [2]The demon realizing the Angels reason for killing him and willingly give up his life for his loved one to live on by closing his eyes while falling. However in the end, once the demon has been killed, she is no longer pure so she turned into a demon herself.



Initially, the role was offered to Kyoko and Kanae Kotonami due to the impact of their Kyurara CM. But, Kanae later turned down the role because she was offered to act in a drama so she was later replaced by Mimori Nanokura, who was recommended by Sho[3]. Kyoko volunteered to have the role of Angel B[4], which surprised the producer since she thought that she and Mimori would've fought for the role of Sho's lover.

Filming involving Kyoko and Mimori's characters only went on for a day along with the cast meeting.


01- Friendly Angels Edit

02- Love Edit

03 - Angel kills the Demon Edit

Behind The ScenesEdit

In the Angel killing Demon scene, where Angel B kills the Demon. Kyoko got absorbed in her own feelings of agony over loosing a friend which made her shed tears, this took Sho by surprise, who was completely shocked and unable to react, making him forgot to do his role. This scene featured their genuine reaction and not their acting which is taken by the director as the main footage along with re-shoot of the same scene.

Reception Edit

Though the release was delayed to the point where Kyoko was already casted as Mio in Dark moon, It was released[5] but it didn't get No.1 in chats which was taken by the album of Vie Ghoul[6].It was mentioned that the PV had a amazing response[7].Kyoko was featured in Japonet Scope for her role in the PV.[8][9].Yoshiko, a cast in Dark Moon claims to be Sho Fuwa's fan watched the video numerous time and failed to recoganize Kyoko who played the Angel[10]


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