Princess Coup d'Etat arc

Kyoko's first big assignment as a member of the Love Me Section is a job for Ruriko Matsunai! In truth, Ruriko has never wanted her help and only want to make her fail since she doesn't like the new section. Ruriko asks Kyoko to carry her from the top of a hill, which results her in Kyoko spraining her ankle. Kyoko then discovers that Ruriko has been wanting to put her down all along, so she accepts her challenge to battle her with acting.

Message: Have integrity in your work and use each experience as an opportunity to learn.

Manga Anime
Volumes 2-3 Number of Episodes 2
Number of Chapters 6
Previous Arc: Introduction arc Next Arc: The Miraculous Language of Angels arc

Notable MomentsEdit

  • Kyoko is so determined to protect Ruriko that she carries her when the van breaks down, eventually hurting her ankle and unable to walk.
  • Ren princess-carries Kyoko the rest of the way to the set.
  • Ruriko's nasty attitude toward Kyoko results in Kyoko getting the chance to act Ruriko's role before the cast and crew. When Director Shingai tells Ruriko that she isn't pulling off the walk of a refined lady, she points to Kyoky and says that it is a walk anyone, even her, could pull off. Kyoko accepts the challenge.
  • Ren shows concern for Kyoko's injury and tends to her ankle all while trying to discourage her from continuing.
  • Kyoko manages the formal walk and the tea ceremony perfectly due to her childhood training at the Fuwa Inn. However, she passes out from the pain of having to ceremoniously sit while on her ankle.
  • Ruriko changes her attitude after Kyoko's die hard performance reminds her of her old integrity when she was new. She gives Kyoko a perfect score.
  • Ren and Kyoko temporarily get along at the end of the day, Kyoko realizing that she could learn a lot about acting from him.


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