Tribute Chapters

Yukihito Yashiro's Heart-pounding Day

Playing Maid

Performers are Amazing!!

Playing Maid is the fourth chapter from Skip Beat! Tribute - Yes, We Love!.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Sho manages to blackmail Kyoko into playing his maid, complete with French maid costume, because of she didn't want it revealed to Ren she'd once drawn a mustache on his poster way back when she was still mooning over Sho.

Sho manipulates things so that Ren keeps running into them and sees Kyoko playing maid. Anyhow, Sho ends up telling Ren after Kyoko refuses to lie to Ren in a way that would hurt Ren, instead declares her respect for him.

In the end, Ren forgives Kyoko with an angelic smile to Sho's disgruntlement.


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