Tribute Chapters

Playing Maid

Performers are Amazing!!

The Locked-up Sleeping Beauty

Performers are Amazing!! is the fifth chapter from Skip Beat! Tribute - Yes, We Love!.

Chapter SummaryEdit

A girl is watching TV with her uncle who seems to be playing around with his guitar. The girl asks her uncle if he has really worked in showbiz. The girl's uncle claimed he did. The girls then asks stories about Sho Fuwa, Ren Tsuruga and Bo the Chicken. The girl's uncle says that he has seen all of them and tells his niece stories about them.

The girl then ends up dreaming about her walking around and sees Sho, who is swarmed by his fans, Bo the Chicken running away from people and when he takes his mascot head off, it is revealed to be an actual chicken whilst the last is Ren's who is walking around not noticing the attention he is getting from the walkers. In the end, the girl concludes that all celebrities are amazing.


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