Rōmaji Miroku
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Musician/Singer
Manga ACT.080
Anime N/A
Game PS2 Game

Miroku is the drummer for Vie Ghoul.

Background Edit

Miroku is Reino's friend, and the one who convinced him to take down Sho. His reason was simply because it would be fun.

He is the least aloof member of Vie Ghoul. He doesn't seem surprised when Reino appears to sense something supernatural, as he is used to it and accepts Reino's abilities.

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Miroku is the closest member of the band to Reino. He accompanies Reino frequently, but not when Reino goes to see Kyoko. He is often seen with Reino while the others are not. Their relationship is close enough that Miroku can visit Reino where he sleeps in a coffin and wake him up in the morning.


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