Mimori Nanokura's manager
Mimoris manager
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her 30's
Status Alive
Occupation Manager
Manga ACT.042
Anime Sin like an Angel
Seiyū Unknown

Mimori Nanokura's manager is a female who manages Mimori Nanokura.


Her name is unknown. She seems childish, but has a sense of responsibility. She is the one who drives Mimori to and from her school.[1]

Plot Edit

Prisoner arcEdit

She was shown to apologize to both Asami and Kyoko for Mimori's behavior in Sho's PV. She also commended Kyoko for her professionalism and wished for Mimori to be like her.[2]

Valentine arc Edit

She was shown to drag Mimori to the photoshoot when she was giving Sho his valentine chocolate[3].


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