Michika Kawagoe
Michika acting
Kanji 川越 みちか
Rōmaji Kawagoe Michika
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her late teens
Status Alive
Occupation Singer/Actress
Manga ACT.151

Michika Kawagoe is a singer and actress.[1] Chiori Amamiya, along with Kanae Kotonami and Kyoko Mogami, had to watch and write reviews about the movies she is in.[2] She also appears to be in Chiori's Poison Notebook.[3]


Nothing much is known about her personality. Although, Chiori and Kanae reckons that Michika's acting is painful to watch and she doesn't have any real acting skills.[4]


Michika has a wavy light colored hair with big eyes. She is described to be cute in an annoying way by Chiori.


Michika in a movie

Michika acting.

On February 14, three years before Year 2, Michika got her first starring role in a drama, although Chiori describes that all Michika did was to smile and she got the role, which is the reason why Chiori describes Valentine's Day as the worst day of her life.[5]

All her movies seems to have all the same genres, being romatic and drama, which greatly annoys the Love Me Girls, particularly Chiori and Kanae.


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