Kanji 松島
Rōmaji Matsushima
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Presumably in his late 30's
Status Alive
Occupation Head of the Acting Section at LME
Affiliations LME
Manga ACT.003
Anime Feast of Horror
English Voice Actor Kaiji Tang

Matsushima is the head of LME's Acting Section. His and Nakazawa's first name are unknown, unlike the other LME Section head, Takenori Sawara.

Plot Edit

He looks after the actors and actresses of LME, including Ren Tsuruga and Kimiko Kamio.

He serves as Kanae Kotonami‘s patron in LME. He was very impressed with her performance in the LME Newbie Audition, but she failed because she made Lory Takarada cry with her interpretation of Himawari. However, because he was impressed of her skills for memorizing and high level acting, he took her into LME and placed her into the Love Me Section even if she has zero emotion in her heart.

He was also greatly impressed with Kyoko Mogami’s talent in the audition (Katsura-muki) and her ability to exude a great murderous aura.

He continues to guide Kanae through her stay in LME. He would even forewarn her about the President’s quirks over Valentine’s Day. However, he thinks that Kanae still hasn’t changed much since the first time she came. Of course, the pride of his section remains to be Ren and he would brag about it to Sawara Takenori.

He is the one person Yashiro tells about Ren's secret new role as Cain Heel.



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