Marina Inoue
Marina Inoue
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 30
Birthday January 20th
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Voice actor, singer
Skip Beat!
Role Kyoko Mogami
Episode appearances 25

Marina Inoue (born on January 20, 1985 in Musashino, Tokyo, Japan) is Kyoko Mogami's seiyū.[1][2] She also lended her voice as Kyoko into the drama CD's, BLACK Drama CD and KISSxKISS Drama CD Valentine Weapon.

Other voice roles include characters in Black Butler II, Hunter X Hunter, Psycho-Pass 2, Kill la Kill, and all the Broken Blade films. Marina is also the voice of Emerald Sustrai in the Japanese dub of the American anime RWBY.

Personal InformationEdit

Aside from voice acting, Marina is also a singer and is signed onto Sony Music Entertainment Japan's Aniplex division. For her voice acting career, she is signed up with Sigma Seven.[3] Marina have made her debut as a voice actor and singer after she was chosen out of 2,000 people from the "Gonna be a star" auditions in Japan.[4]

Voice acting as Kyoko MogamiEdit

Marina, along with fellow voice actors Katsuyuki Konishi and Mamoru Miyano, were interviewed about their voice acting in the anime.[5]

First Impression of Kyoko's character

  • I am Marina Inoue with affiliation to Sigma Seven.
  • Yes, that’s polite. (In reply to Miyano's comment that the way she said it was polite.) I’m born on 20th January and my blood group is AB. This time, I play the part of Mogami Kyoko. When I first read the original work, Kyoko came across as a child who entered the entertainment industry bearing a grudge. I was taken aback that compared to other heroines, she was a completely different type of girl. However, when I continued reading the story in the comic I gradually found her to be cute. I think that is where her charm lies.

Thoughts about the near-finish of the voice dubbing

  • Kyoko had a lot of lines *laughs* There was a moment of dizziness when I opened the script but being able to deliver so many lines thus far, as an actress I am grateful. This was how I felt when attending the dubbing sessions. Anyway, as it is an intense character with unexpected rise and fall of emotions we had to work hard so that the tension was put up from the beginning.
  • I’m sure it will eventually become better. (In reply to Konishi’s comment about him only having 2 lines at the beginning)
  • You said that cleverly/shamelessly (Not sure which is more correct but this was in reply to Miyano’s depiction of Fuwa Sho)
  • You actually thought about that kind of things? (In reply to Miyano’s comment regarding his character and how he tried to appeal to the cute side of him)

Other characters that you find interesting

  • Lory Takarada (President)
  • Although the President appeared from the second episode onward, in a word I feel that he is a deep character in various meanings and just looking at him makes you happy.Nonetheless, the serious part of this work actually lies a lot with the relationship with the President which I look forward to in the future. 

Favorite Dialogue

  • Um…
  • Which should I choose? There’s a lot. There’s unlimited selection.
  • The dialogues would be those that trigger Kyoko’s sudden change. Something like, “I will have revenge!” That is where everything of Kyoko started. It feels like a lot of hatred is put in to the words. Basically it is something like, “Irritating/Digusting!”(I think both works fine) towards Fuwa Sho. It is extremely fun to say it in resentment; it feels like I’m generally venting it on Miyano.
  • I think I want something like that to be paid attention and listened to. (Reply to Miyano’s comment that she’s scary.)
  • I said it with all my heart. (In reply to Konishi’s comment that Kyoko left a deep impression when she once said “Tsuruga-san is stupid!”)

Say a Thank You message to everyone

  • Although the main character does not seem like the main character of a Shojo manga, she gradually becomes more and more heroine-like. This is when she walked the path of the entertainment industry. The Kyoko-chan that I acted might have been shocking at first but I think you will gradually be able to see an attractive side to her. It will make me happy if you will by all means enjoy watching the show.  


Skip Beat! InterviewsEdit


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