Mako Yanogiori's Manager
[[Mako's Manager|px]]
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Manager
Manga ACT.134

She is the manager of the actor Mako Yanogiori who was subjected to unsettling bullying scene by Chiori in the drama Box "R".

Her real name was never mentioned.


She is shown to be devoted manager to her client. But the director described her to be over-protective and sexism. She was totally uncomfortable with the unsettling bullying scene and that to her celebrity being subjected to it.


Natsu's arcEdit

At the start of the bullying scene, She was seen to watch the filming. But as the intense bullying scene was progressed she becomes flustered and intimate the director that Mako is really suffering.When the nail polish was poured over Mako she turned pale and yells at the director to stop them.

She was totally against the scene to be taken as the main footage and adds that Mako being girl doesn't need to go through it.But the director yells at her being overprotective.However Mako desperately convinced her to let her do the scene after being praised for her performance


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