Lupinous Seara CM
The commercial
Status Finished
Director Unknown
Producer Unknown
Starring Sho Fuwa

Lupinous Seara CM is a commercial that was shown in the television in the gas station where Kyoko Mogami and Miya worked. It's a commercial which features Sho Fuwa.[1]


While having a voice-over, the commercial shows Sho sitting in a table, wearing black pants with white buttoned shirt with two unbuttoned buttons. He is seen smiling and then seen looking at his self on the reflection. He is then seen closing his eyes and the cosmetic products appear at the end.[2] Here is the commercial's transcript:

Skin care for beautiful people. Young, beautiful, white skin. This is the new UV protection. Shiny and transparent. Lupinous Seara.. is now on sale.[3]

Reception Edit

Miya, a co-worker of Kyoko at the gas station and a big fan of sho, liked this commercial and was happy to see it.





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