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Section Head Lory Takarada, Takenori Sawara

Love Me Section is a section of LME. It was created soon after Kyoko auditioned, so that people who lack love can still be part of LME.

Information Edit

The Love Me Section was created by the LME President, Lory Takarada to house people who have a potential to be great artists but lack one thing he believes to be an important factor: love.

Members Edit

Love Me Members
Kyoko Mogami colored manga
Kane in her love me uniform
Chiori introducing herself as a Love Me member
Kyoko Mogami

Kanae Kotonami

Chiori Amamiya

1st Love Me Member 2nd Love Me Member 3rd Love Me Member
Lacks in romantic love Lacks in family love Lacks in love for acting

Kyoko Mogami Edit

Kyoko is the first member of the Love Me Section who got the president's curiosity even though she failed on her audition to get in LME. The president noticed her potential and used this chance to both create the Love Me Section(which he might have wanted for a time already) and get Kyoko to join LME.

When it comes to the members, Kyoko is the worst out of the three in 'love', since she has decided to lock the feeling of 'love' wholly. This was due to her experience of being used by Sho Fuwa, after which all she wished to do is get her revenge by getting more popular than him. Though recently, her experiences with Tsuruga Ren shakes her and her hold on her feelings

Kanae Kotonami Edit

She is called 'Moko-san' by Kyoko and is the second to join (though somewhat forcibly) the Love Me Section. She failed the last part of the audition, but due to her outstanding abilities as an actress, was invited in the Love Me Section. With its name, she did not want to join the section. Learning that Kyoko was also a member and seeing the section's uniform, she refused to join all the more, but was forced into joining and wearing the uniform when Kyoko used her demons to stop her from escaping.

The aspect of love Kanae lacks in is when it becomes related to family. This is also the reason why she failed the audition, when the topic was about family kinship. The reason must be because of her experience with her family. Kanae has a very big family, getting 'attacked' by her younger siblings and her older sibling's children the moment she gets home, and always being asked for money by her older sister, she tries to avoid going home most of the time. She also doesn't like socializing with people when she doesn't need to and arguably only has a few friends besides Kyoko.

Chiori Amamiya Edit

She is the latest addition to the Love Me Section. First introduced as a co-star of Kyoko in the drama Box R, she later volunteered to be a member of the Love Me Section.

She was a child actress, but due to the dark nature of the character she played named Akari and an accident that happened on-set while filming, she was never able to recover and this affected her so much that she was never able to play any following character properly. Her experiences and confrontation with Kyoko playing Natsu made her realize that she had lost something and that she wished to retrieve it back - her love of acting. This is also the reason for volunteering to join the Love Me Section.

A bad habit of hers is writing on her 'poison notebook', where she writes negative things about people, especially those that get popular without having talent. This is tried to be cured by the president when he made her write a good review on a popular actress who only got to her position for being cute, though this didn't really seem to work.


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