Relationships Edit

Kouki TakaradaEdit

Kouki is Lory's son. While Lory appears to be more of a laid back person, Kouki is said to be the complete opposite of him. Kouki is very strict and uptight even to himself, especially when it comes to work. This leads to him becoming awkward with his daughter, Maria, especially after the death of his wife.

Maria TakaradaEdit

Maria is Takarada Lory's problematic granddaughter. She is his son's daughter and Lory has been her guardian ever since the death of Maria's mother as Maria's father couldn't stand to be around her anymore. She was initially a problem child in LME, disturbing classes and doing whatever she felt like to get attention. He then turned to the Love Me Section for help when her rebelling became worse and even he couldn't defuse the situation. Maria had been better since and has grown close to Kyoko Mogami, calling her sister (which at first confused Lory and Kyoko).

Ren TsurugaEdit

In a way, Lory is also the guardian of Ren in Japan. He is probably the only person in the whole of Japan who knows of Ren's true identity as Kuon. He was the one who helped Kuon get away from America and start living as Ren Tsuruga, because Kuon's father, Kuu Hizuri turned to him for help. Lory also knew that Ren couldn't act in a role who loves someone deeply, so he stricly advised him to not take any deep-romance roles. But when Ren showed his talent on Katsuki's Acting Test, Lory was impressed at him and knew at first glance that Ren was in-love with someone.[1]

Lory later finds out about Ren's affections for Kyoko[2] and also seems to assume that Kyoko is' good luck charm' for Ren when he gets into trouble or is feeling down. This appears to work as Tsuruga took on his role as Cain Heel and BJ.

Kuu HizuriEdit

Kuu was formerly an artist under LME with his stage name, Hozu Shuuhei. He was also the original actor to play the role Katsuki in Tsukigomori, the drama that Dark Moon is a remake of. President Takarada and Kuu appear to be very close[3] as Kuu still calls the president "boss" even after his career in Japan. Lory was also the person Kuu turned to to help his son Kuon in Japan.

Kyoko MogamiEdit

President Takarada recognizes her potential and thus created the Love Me Section to try and bring out her capacity to love. He asked for her and the Love Me Section's help in calming down Maria once and it turned out successful. He also sees her as a charm for Ren and uses her to help him when he started to act darker roles that bring out Kuon. Kyoko respects him as he is the president but just like everybody else, is thrown off from time to time by his extravagance in everything.

Jelly WoodsEdit

Jelly Woods is Ren's personal beautician, which was ordered by Lory. Jelly seems to be interested in Lory and always call him "Darling" affectionately. Lory seems to trust Jelly enough as he asks Jelly to report to him whilst Jelly is on Guam with Ren and Kyoko acting as the Heel Siblings.


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