Lee Donghae
Lee Donghae
Personal Information
Gender Male
Birthday October 15th, 1986
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Occupation Singer, dancer, rapper, songwriter, promotional model, actor, and composer
Skip Beat!
Role Sho Fuwa/Bu Po Shang
Episode appearances 15

Lee Donghae portrays Sho Fuwa in the live-action adaption of the Skip Beat! manga series. He is in a Korean boyband named Super Junior with Choi Siwon. Donghae also sang the ending theme of the live-action series, Zhe Shi Ai featuring his Super Junior-M member, Henry.[1]

Personal InformationEdit

Donghae initially wanted to become a professional athlete, but under the influence of his father, who once desired to become a singer, Donghae decided to train himself to become a singer.[2]

Along with singing and dancing in the Korean boy band, Super Junior, Donghae has also tried composing, rapping, modelling and acting.[3] He made his acting debut in Super Junior's horror documentary Mystery 6, broadcast in early 2006.

Portrayal as Sho FuwaEdit

Appearance as ShoEdit

Donghae's hair was dyed into blonde so it could match Sho's hair color. Donghae's eye color is the same color as Sho's too. Donghae's and Sho's height is closely the same, with only 3cm difference. Sho is 3cm taller than Donghae, with Sho being 178cm tall[4] (5'10") while Donghae being 175cm tall (5'9")[5].

Performance as ShoEdit
There really isn't much difference between Sho and Donghae's performance. I felt like Donghae performed his role perfectly though he seemed more charming, and I would have even liked a couple more scenes with him in it. In the anime however, I could have done with less Sho scenes. His arrogance and selfishness got on my nerves and I absolutely hated the character there.[6]

Episode AppearancesEdit


Behind the ScenesEdit


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