Kyoko Mogami has built many relationships over the course of the series that have defined her and others.

Love Interests Ren Tsuruga
Hatred Sho FuwaReino
Friends Kanae KotonamiLory TakaradaHiou UesugiChiori Amamiya
Family SaenaKuu Hizuri
Acquaintances Erika KoenjiUshio Kurosaki

Love InterestsEdit

Ren Tsuruga

Main article: Ren and Kyoko's Relationship / Ren Tsuruga

When Ren's manager falls sick, Kyoko is assigned the position of his temporary manager. While on the job, she nurses Ren back to health when he falls ill himself, in the process seeing Ren's deep love and devotion towards acting. She develops a deep respect for Ren, making it her goal to become an actress that can act on equal terms with him.
Ren and Kyoko
Although they continue to grow closer, Kyoko remains oblivious to Ren's affections. Despite several people (including Kanae and Yashiro) pointing it out, she seems to be deaf to it all, believing the idea that someone like Ren falling in love with her to be ludicrous. 

Kyoko begins to wonder how Ren can so easily break apart the locks she's placed so diligently around her Pandora's box. When Ren is acting as B.J/Cain Heel and Kyoko as Setsu, B.J's/Cain's loving sister, she starts to realize that it is not B.J/Cain but her senpai's relationship with other women that bothers her. Later on, she realizes her feelings for him.

Even after she acknowledges her feelings she decides to bottle them up and sees them as poisonous, thinking Ren will reject her if he finds out and be deeply disappointed in her for not keeping her promise to 'remain pure of heart'. 


Sho Fuwa

Main article: Sho and Kyoko's Relationship / Sho Fuwa

Before Kyoko found out Sho was using her, Kyoko considered him her prince charming and the love of her life. She puts all his needs before her own, being quite selfless and endearing just for his sake. Eventually she followed him to Tokyo where this relationship continued until she overheard him admitting to be using her as a maid. Insulted and slighted, she swore revenge and her love turned into hatred. Even the mere mention of his name can cause sudden, violent reactions from her.

Sho picks breakfast for Kyoko
After their sudden break up it appears as if Sho had completely erased Kyoko from his mind until they met again while filming Sho's promovideo. There she shows him just how much she's changed and the depth of her hatred for him. After the filming he shows the first bit of jealousy when his self-proclaimed arch rival, Ren Tsuruga calls Kyoko.

Although Kyoko feels for hatred Sho, they grew up together so they know a lot about each other. They have a special relationship, that others usually mistake for a romantic relationship.[1] Sho knows about Kyoko's taste in food[2] as well in her taste in other things like cosmetics and flowers, vice-versa with Kyoko who knows Sho's favorites and preferences.

Later on, when the band Vie Ghoul threatens Sho's position in the music industry it is Kyoko who pulls him out of his depression and tells him to man up.

As the story progresses Sho becomes more and more interested in Kyoko and more jealous as she appears more often alongside Ren Tsuruga or Reino from Vie Ghoul. He goes as far as to steal her first kiss so her hatred for him would take up her whole heart and leave no room for anyone else.


Main article: Reino

Reino told Kyoko that he will steal everything that belongs to Fuwa Sho, including her. After stalking her in a forest, due to his mysterious abilities Kyoko could not move. Eventually Kyoko slaps him, and she tells Reino that Sho is her prey, and that the one Sho will only fear of in the showbiz world will be her. Reino agrees with that which angers Kyoko, but Reino tells her that he'll make her hate him. Reino attempts
The evil couple - Reino and Kyoko

Reino and Kyoko in Sho's mind.

to do that by kissing her, but Sho stopped him.

When the two meet again, Kyoko has Corn with her. When she attempts to 'purify' Reino, she raises Corn, but it doesn't even hurt Reino. Reino advised Kyoko to throw the stone away, since it has memories of it's past owner.

In the Valentine's Arc, Reino tricked Kyoko into letting out one of her grudges, which he captured as a hostage. Reino blackmailed Kyoko into making homemade Valentine's chocolates for him, which she did with great reluctance. When he encountered Kyoko and Sho who were arguing about the chocolates, he decides to ruin the relationship by saying that something happened between him and Kyoko. He accepted the chocolates early from Kyoko in fear of Ren Tsuruga.

In an extra chapter of the manga, Reino states that he likes Kyoko, Kyoko's Mio because he has never seen such dark beauty and scar like Mio's. Reino then stated without her Mio appearance, she is just a boring girl and he can't even recognize her. With that, Reino earned a slap from Kyoko because Kyoko recalls Sho calling her a boring girl like Reino does.


Kanae Kotonami

Main article: Kanae Kotonami

Kanae is nicknamed "Moko" by Kyoko. Moko is the second member to be a part of the "Love Me Section" and Kyoko's first true friend (she doesn't have any friends before then because every girl hated Kyoko for her familiarity with Sho). At first when you meet Moko, she looks like she was being set up to be the villain to Kyoko's heroine,but as with all of the female characters in this series, Moko is much more sympathetic than she appears. While there was fur flying about at the beginning, both girls have a need for a true friend, and ultimately find that in each other (albeit reluctantly on Moko's part and willingly on Kyoko's part).

After their tag-team effort in winning an audition for a commercial, the two become best friends.Despite some differences in their personality, both girls recognize that they are in fact very similar, most notably their desperate determination to reach the top of the show-biz pyramid. Both coming from a poor family, they both strive endlessly to achieve their dreams. This, they recognize in each other, thus leading them to become friends. They are both incredible actresses with a great deal of respect for each other's talents.

Moko desperately wanted to be a star and was at the same audition as Kyoko, but although she did better than Kyoko, she also failed. Kyoko likes to cling onto her. At the beginning when Moko was trying to escape from Kyoko,Kyoko used her demons to bind here at a place. Moko is one of the people who can calm Kyoko down in mere seconds. Moko often feels the scary aura Kyoko has and she always calls her a housewife when Kyoko is making voodoo dolls. 

Lory Takarada

Main article: Lory Takarada

President Takarada recognizes her potential and thus created the Love Me Section to try and bring out her capacity to love. He asked for her and the Love Me Section's help in calming down Maria once and it turned out successful. He also sees her as a charm for Ren and uses her to help him when he started to act darker roles that bring out Kuon.

Kyoko respects him as he is the president but just like everybody else, is thrown off from time to time by his extravagance in everything.

Lory understood Ren and Kyoko's situation better after he found out that Kyoko was also in love with Ren.

Lory then also felt really deceived when Kyoko mentioned that she started growing attraction for Ren after Katsuki's Acting Test when Ren kissed Corn, her blue stone.[3] Since then, her feelings have grown deeper. Some of the situations which pushed her feelings along were when Ren kissed her on the cheek in Valentines' Day and when he invited her to his apartment and cooked Omu Rice for her. 

Hiou Uesugi

Main article: Hiou Uesugi

Kyoko first met Hiou when he recognized her Love Me uniform, connecting it to Kanae Kotonami. Kyoko quickly realized that Hiou worked with Kanae and, based on his attitude, is probably the cause of her being unhappy at work. Later, the two are both invited by Kanae back to her family home so that Kanae can explain a few things about where she comes from. Linked together in this way as outsiders being allowed in, and after working out some understandings this opening up on Kanae's part included, Hiou and Kyoko became on friendly terms. Hiou even calls Kyoko by her first name without honorifics.

Chiori Amamiya

Maine article: Chiori Amamiya

Chiori first attitude toward Kyoko was pure hatred to the point of dangerous pranks. Their initial relationship was very antagonistic, but when Kyoko proves herself by immersing herself fully into Natsu Kitazawa and taking control of the situation by turning bullying attempts back on the actresses who made them, she earned Chiori's respect as an actress and as a person.

In order to attempt to replicate Kyoko's hard work and amazing talent, Chiori joins the Love Me Section section at LME, the third member and only volunteer. This move has seemed to improve Chiori's general behavior and mood, as well as making her more tolerant of others around her.

Chiori is also very supportive of Kyoko and opens up to her more than any other person, which includes sharing her hate journal. Chiori listens to Kyoko's advice and changes her mind about taking advantage of a car accident in order to get out of an LME assignment.


Saena Mogami

Main article: Saena Mogami

Kyoko mother

Kyoko crying after her mother left her.

As a child, Kyoko continuously tried to please her indifferent mother. In school, she always requires to achieve perfect grades otherwise her mother would be angry. Because of this, Kyoko often cried as a child. Her mother would often leave her at Sho's parents' Ryokan for extended periods of time, thus causing Sho's mother to be more of a mother figure to Kyoko than her own.

Kyoko was able to contact Saena through her workplace to get her signature for her passport so she could go to Guam. When Sho visited her at Darumaya, for a second, Kyoko thought it was going to be her mother.

Then, the two later sees each other after 11 years in an elevator at Fuji TV. Saena just stared at Kyoko and walks past her. Kyoko said to Kanae that she was sure that Saena did recognize her and Saena's reaction wasn't surprising to her because since she was a child, she always felt like Saena thought of her existance as something very detestable.

On the other hand, Saena was seen checking reviews about Kyoko's performance in Dark Moon and Box "R" before they saw each other on the elevator and after they saw each other, Saena goes into LME's website, checked Kyoko's profile, then scowls. Saena is also hinted to be watching Kyoko's peformance in Box "R" since when one of her co-workers saw her expression while checking Kyoko's profile, he mentions it was the same expression she had when she was watching one of the shows she recorded earlier that week.

Kuu Hizuri

Main article: Kuu Hizuri

Initially, Kuu acted harsh towards Kyoko and tried to make Kyoko hate her, following Lory's plan. He wanted Kyoko to hate him because Lory said that if Kyoko tells his son that he acted cruel to her, his son would just visit him right away without any awkwardness on not talking after five years. However, his plan on making Kyoko hate him did not work. Instead, Kyoko played along with him and still did her best in her job. Kuu was amazed by Kyoko's character and gave her advice about acting. One time, Kyoko was about decline all her bully roles but Kuu stopped her and lectured her. 

Kuu with Kyoko acting as Kuon

Kuu with "Kuon".

Then, Kuu thought that Kyoko did not know even the basics of acting. Kuu asked Kyoko to act out as his own son, Kuon when he was about 15 years old. Kyoko asked about the characteristics of his son, Kuu gave her so many, proving that he is a doting father to his son. Kyoko did not know her 'Kuon' character at first but when she remembered all the characteristics Kuu listed to her, she realzied that 'Kuon' and her fairy prince, 'Corn' have a deep resemblance on each other. She based her Kuon on Corn, not realizing that they're the same person.

The next day, Kyoko shows up to Kuu as Kuon. Kyoko spoke in English fluently and was dresed in American boy outfit. Kuu was amazed by Kyoko's acting. He really thought he was the 10 year old Kuon he knew. Kyoko as Kuon tagged along with Kuu on his following jobs. When they were at a TV Station, Kyoko bumped into Ren. Kyoko was still playing her character as "Kuon" and acted not to know Ren and Yashiro. Kuu called Kyoko's Kuon and also acted like he did not know Ren.  

Kuu and Kyoko

Kuu and Kyoko.

The following day, Ren calls up Lory to meet up with Kuu. Kuu tells Ren that his mother wants to see him as "Kuon" just for a bit. Kuon agreed to do a video message to his mother.

Kuu was then delighted. He and Kyoko cooked together at his last day at Japan. He was leaving earlier than scheduled because Kuu wanted to show Julie the video message right away. When he was at the airport, Kyoko called out "Dad!" then Kuu calls out "My son", stating that he acknowledges Kyoko as if she's his own child.

Kuu also acknowledges that Kyoko has the potential to become an actress with a rare ability, that is, if she conquers her weakness.[4]


Erika Koenji

Main article: Erika Koenji

Erika doubt Kyoko's abilities to act, like many people including the Curara commercial's producers. Erika did not believe Kanae when she said that she treats Kyoko as her rival and not her.

But as the auditions for the commercial goes on, Erika realized Kyoko has an amazing acting ability. Erika observed Kyoko where she was meant to think of a improvisation scene for her and Kanae, Kyoko thought of an idea, which Erika copied and then later showed it to her partner from the auditions.

Ushio Kurosaki

Main article: Ushio Kurosaki

Director Kurosaki is the director of Kyoko's first commercial she did with Kanae. Director Kurosaki got intrigued to Kyoko when he saw her slap Kanae and hears her say that 'money isn't the only important thing in the world' to Kanae. He even got more intrigued when Kyoko thought of a new improvisation scene in just 5 seconds after Erika stole her original improvisation scene plan.

He was also the one who convinced the producers of the commercial that they should give Kyoko a chance to prove herself with her acting abilities, which Kyoko did. He also seemed to enjoyed filming the commercial with Kyoko and Kanae after they got the role.


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