Off-screen roles Edit

These roles were not telecasted or credited

Start: ACT.011

Choko is the first acting role Kyoko ever performed. She performed two scenes as "Choko" when she was doing a Love Me job for Ruriko. 

Start: ACT.017

Kyoko played as Flora, the older sister of Angel who believed that she caused her mother's death. But Kyoko's role is complicated. She had to show that she hated her younger sister but still make her realize that she wasn't the cause of their mother's death. 

This was also chosen as a common test for Kyoko to enter the LME training center, that is commonly done for amateur to take the class. 

Start: ACT.106

The role as Kuon was done as "homework" for character development, a task given to her by Kuu Hizuri during his time in Japan. The challenge was that Kyoko would create her intepretation of Kuu's 15 year old son Kuon. Kyoko ended up basing the character after the young boy "Corn" who she met in her childhood, who ironically is revealed to actually be Kuon, who was in Kyoto on holiday when he was 10 years old.

Start: ACT.154

Setsuka is the sister of Cain Heel. She has an older brother complex which makes her wish only to be by his side. All others are unimportant. Like Cain, she prefers a gothic clothing style.

Kyoko plays her so that she can be a stabilizing presence for Ren while he deals with personal issues that come up during his part as Cain Heel. While she is unaware this is the true reason, she does clue in that something important is going on with Ren.

On-screen roles Edit

Variety show Edit

Start: ACT.020

Bo is the rooster mascot of the television show "Totally Wild Rock" hosted by LME idol group Bridge Rock.The role was not credited for Kyoko.

Commercial Edit

Audition start: ACT.024

Kyoko joined the audition for this commercial and was paired with Kanae Kotonami. In the end, both of them passed and started the official filming.This became the official debut for Kyoko's acting.

PV Edit

Start: ACT.040

Kyoko played the role of an angel along with Mimori Nanokura in Sho Fuwa's Prisoner PV.

T.V.Drama Edit

Start: ACT.054

Mio is the sixteen year old younger sister of Misao Hongo, and the cousin of main female lead Mizuki. She holds an inferiority complex towards her beautiful and intelligent sister and would often seclude herself. One day she suffered a severe burn on the side of her face after an accident. She has a dark, unhappy personality that wishes unhappiness on those around her.

Start: ACT.121

Natsu is a high school girl and the leader of her little circle of followers.  She finds her life tedious and boring, and enjoys bullying others. She is described by Kyoko as being a "big sister" type of character.

Gallery Edit

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